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One of the world’s greatest dramas is turned on its head through a bold and new perspective in OPHELIA.

Set in medieval Denmark and spoken in a modern tongue with a poetic twist, it recalibrates the classic Shakespearean tragedy of “Hamlet” so that its unspoken, complex heroine may share her own story.

Ophelia (Daisy Ridley) takes centre stage as Queen Gertrude’s (Naomi Watts) most trusted lady-in-waiting. Beautiful
and intelligent, she soon captures the attention of the handsome Prince Hamlet (George MacKay) and a forbidden
love blossoms.

As war brews, lust and betrayal are tearing Elsinore Castle apart from within and Ophelia must decide between her true love or her own life in order to protect a very dangerous secret.

OPHELIA opens nationally on Thursday August 1. Sydney Arts Guide has ten in season double passes to give away. 

To enter the draw email editor,sydneyartsguide@gmail.com with Ophelia Promotion in the subject heading. Please provide your postal address. Winners will be advised by email. 




George MacKay and Antonio Thomas in the new film SUNSHINE ON LEITH
George MacKay and Antonio Thomas in the new film SUNSHINE ON LEITH

There’s a palpable danger as an armoured personnel carrier laden with Scottish troops part of a convoy snaking its way through the anxious wastelands of Afghanistan.

To alleviate their anxiety and consolidate their camaraderie they break into a military tattoo, keeping beat with boots and giving voice in booming baritone. It’s a harmony of portent.

The harmony is broken by a boom of another kind, an improvised explosive device, and the screen is plunged into darkness.

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