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Pink Individual 

how dare this one young impudent

pink individual

rise up, disorganised, anarchic, flambuoyant


dares to break with tyranny of tradition

with its own accord and colour swell

how dare bare blossoms break

bleak blight of uniform winter’s night

from the past blast of steeled

cold comes the future revealed

without reason except

the indiscipherable urgings of the season

such impulses in the social realm

would surely be crushed individuality has no power

but here in an anarchic natural dispensation

there are flagbearers for a thousand sweet origination

signposts for a diaspora of honey’d nations

of pollened population arising in bounty unsparing

Geoffrey Sykes


“through your power and your excellence alone

have I recognised the goodness and the grace

inherent in the things I have been shown.”

(Paradiso 31.82-84; trans. Ciardo)

“Dante Alighieri, exiled from his home in Florence, a fugitive from justice, followed a road in 1302 that took him first to the labyrinths of hell then up the healing mountain of purgatory, and finally to paradise. He found a vision and a language that made him immortal.” (Harriet Rubin, Dante In Love).

The journey from infernal to heavenly worlds perennially inspires authors. 

Writer/director Geoffrey Sykes traverses the dank wood of bestial destructiveness to steadfastly come to an Earth replenished and reborn in joy. Continue reading PARADISE NOW @ HORIZON THEATRE : A DIVINE COMEDY


In MY LIFE: YOU’RE SOAKING IN IT Robina Beard demonstrates her signature charm and playfulness as she dips her hands into the sparkly, bubbly memories of a theatrical life well-lived. From ballet school auditions to breakdowns out bush, celebrity encounters to twenty years as Madge on ‘that Palmolive ad’, Robina delights as she skips from one fond memory to the next. Her intimate monologue is interspersed with snatches of song and dance plus perky piano pieces from the talented Greg Crease. A thoroughly enjoyable pas de deux down memory lane.

This piece was written by Robina Beard, based on her autobiography, and was co-directed by Robina Beard and Geoffrey Sykes.

In VIEW FROM A BLACONY Katrina Maskell delivers a quirky and appealing performance as the girl from Newtown who uproots herself and journeys to the deserted wilderness of a high rise apartment in the inner west. As she muses on the ups and downs of living in a seemingly uninhabited, white-walled world, far from the peeling paint and daily dramas of a Newtown shared house, she gradually finds her feet – and a few neighbours – in this vertical, pristine habitat. Unfortunately, due to illness prior to the show, we didn’t get the best of Katrina’s voice at this preview performance – so the songs at the piano were less engaging than the spoken word sections. Nonetheless the work captures with perceptive humour the urban unease of an inner city dweller venturing into the sky-scraping ‘villages’ of the future.

This piece was written and directed by Geoffrey Sykes

This double bill will play the Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  on February 1st 2020

Louise Charman-James- Freelance writer and singer based in the Illawarra.


Walk In Beauty

Alysha Firbank is mesmerising in the playscript production WALKJ IN BEAUTY
Alysha Firbank is mesmerising in the playscript production WALKJ IN BEAUTY

As my quite extensive Tap Gallery theatre experiences goes, the hybrid, experimental piece WALK IN BEAUTY ranks as one of the most daring, engrossing productions.

In a mesmerising  one hour performance involving twelve very distinctive scenes, statuesque, elegant dancer Alysha Firbank works the tiniest of stages to convey Geoffrey Sykes’s esoteric piece charting  the human journey, in particular the female journey, from the primordial right up to some imaginings of what the future may hold. She is supported/backed up by the full range of multi-media.

Behind Firbank through her performance, Sykes splashes onto a silk curtain  a vast, diverse range of images,  featuring some great spectacular nature shots and including many print images of the work of South Australian printmaker Janet Ayliffe.

The work is interspersed with voice overs by Sydney actor Susie Lindemann reading from extracts from literature and religious texts from time memorial.

An atmospheric score is provided by Tomoni Takahashi, complemented by some song recordings  by Branden Christine.

Thank you to the WALK IN BEAUTY team for, as the great Van Morrison song goes, bringing audiences A SENSE OF WONDER, in particular at the achievements of our species from very humble beginnings.

Sadly this playscript production only played a very brief season, playing for four performances at the Tap between the 28th and the 31st August.