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THE GONZO HOUR has been described as  “a marvellous and bizarre story of a professor getting angry about a box.” by Funny Tone whilst also being a “a commentary on group behaviour, nationalism, and the dangers of being human” by the Plus Ones.

The show is also about an idiot in a raincoat playing games on stage for half an hour, followed by her agitated boss being agitated for another half an hour.

It is also about a social experiment as to how the audience will react to the performance. For instance there have been shows where the audience has withheld information, or props… performances where audience members turn against one another, and performances where everyone is very polite and does exactly what they’re asked.

The show is performed by the mercurial Debbie Zukerman.


Thursday 7th September at 9.30 pm and Saturday 9th September at 9.30 pm.

VENUE- The Factory Theatre , Marrickville.

For more about The Gonzo Hour, visit http://fringecomedy.com.au/single-event?show_id=102
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Spokey (1)

SPOKEY BLOKEYS is a live comedy show featuring Rodney Todd and Shane Matheson as they converse while cycling – on stage!

The show is based on the podcast of the same name, where the pair ride around a different suburb every episode, talking about any kind of bizarre and mundane topics and giving some background on the suburb in a virtual tour. The podcast has steadily built up an audience and has reached the itunes top 50 podcasts.

After a successful run at The Melbourne Comedy Festival, they are bringing the show back to Sydney. It’s an hour (almost) of largely improvised fun, featuring special guests, their own characters and the bickering listeners have come to love.

Listening to the podcast is definitely not necessary to enjoy the show. As featured on ABCTV’s “The Mix” and Double J, the podcast has a growing fanbase around the world, especially California for reasons unknown.

Come along for the ride of your life!

7/9/2016 and 9/9/2016  at the Factory Theatre Marrickville.

For more about Spokey Blokeys, visit http://www.spokeyblokeys.com
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Sarah Ruhl, one of America's finest contemporary playwrights.
Sarah Ruhl, one of America’s finest contemporary playwrights.

“This play is for all the lady cowboys of heart and mind who ride outside the city limits of convention.” – Sarah Ruhl.

This beautiful play, in its Australian debut, asks big questions about how gender defines who and how we love. Sarah Ruhl’s LATE : a COWBOY SONG follows Mary, an endless worrier, as she reconnects with her lady cowboy friend, Red, whose forehead has no worry lines at all. Crick, Mary’s husband, buys a painting with all her savings. Red teaches Mary how to ride a horse and to enjoy the silence. Crick and Mary, who have been in love since the second grade, can’t decide on their newborn’s name or gender. The three sing songs, celebrate holidays, and and try to navigate their way through the blurred lines of love and relationships. A story of one woman’s education and her search to find true love outside the box…

It looks like it will be quite a journey, especially considering that Sarah Ruhl sure knows how to give an audience a stimulating, entertaining night in the theatre. I have great memories of two of her plays that the Sydney Theatre Company have produced- In  The Next Room of the Vibrator Play  and Orlando (an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s classic novel).

LATE : A COWBOY SONG is playing at the Erskineville Town Hall, 104 Erskineville between the 27th September and the 1st October. Performance times are-
27th September @ 8:30pm
28th September  @ 8:30pm
29th September @ 8:30pm
30th September @ 8:30pm
1st October @ 8:30pm

Starring– Andreas Lohmeyer, Annabel Matheson and Eliza Oliver
Set and Costumes by Annabel Matheson
Sound Design by Sarah Dunn

Produced by  Annabel Matheson and Eliza Oliver

For more about Late: A Cowboy Song, visit
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Hannah Cox as the Owl

If you do it properly, life is one big adventure. Or, I suppose, technically, a series of adventures. Like being rowed around Iron Cove with the sunset behind you… and with a bewildered owl in front of you. Jetpack Theatre Collective is an inspired and inspiring group of artists setting out to have some interesting adventure and PEA GREEN BOAT- producer Kenny Murphy, director- Jim Fishwick, cast- Hannah Cox and Alexander Richmond– is their latest foray into immersive, boutique performance. It is nonsense. Pure, breathtaking, exciting nonsense.

THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT was written nearly 150 years ago by painter, illustrator and limerick writer Edward Lear and was included in his collection Nonsense Songs (1870). It has been popular with children ever since. An owl and a pussycat set to sea in a beautiful pea green boat and their love develops on the year long journey until they are married by a turkey in the land where the Bong Trees grow. (Not that kind of bong!) Continue reading JET PACK THEATRE COLLECTIVE PRESENTS PEA GREEN BOAT