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All the good scriptwriting theory says  that conflict is always at the heart of every good drama. Let it be said that there was plenty of conflict and heat in this production. This play explores one of history’s great rivalries. A battle of wits, blood and broken hearts, reinvented for the stage – the iconic tale of Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth 1 of England.

Following an uprising, Mary has fled Scotland, gone to England and has been imprisoned by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth. The Queen her Imprisoned because Mary is younger, more beloved, and has her own claim to the throne.

The play starts after Mary has been languishing in prison for some 19 years and has now been found guilty of treason. She is told that the Queen can now sign a warrant for her execution.   Continue reading MARY STUART : A POWERFUL ELIZABETHAN DRAMA

Beloved Sisters: Opening Night Film Audi German Film Festival

Schiller 1a

Two beautiful sisters, Caroline and Charlotte von Lengenfeld, fall in love with Friedrich Schiller, the popular eighteenth century German playwright, poet and philosopher. Schiller falls for both the sisters and this makes the threesome’s intense relationships somewhat complicated.

This drama occurs at the same time as the French Revolution, and the revolutionary thoughts and ideals of the French bourgeoisie are shared by the educated Germans that Schiller associates with. This is a time of intriguing and endless possibilities, sentiments reflected in complicated lives of the films main protagonists. Continue reading Beloved Sisters: Opening Night Film Audi German Film Festival