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Follow Me, part of ATYP’s 2021 season
Lights InThe Park

n 2021 Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), the national youth theatre company will present a season of shows across Sydney and around the country that will continue to expand their reputation for presenting beautifully written, professionally produced theatre for audiences of all ages. 

ATYP Artistic Director Fraser Corfield has carefully curated a season that sees ATYP looking forward with determination, energy and hope. “The world shifted this year as our theatres went dark. As we reopen in 2021 we need to acknowledge that change. ATYP’s 2021 season doesn’t pretend life has returned to ‘normal’. Instead, it’s a season of stories specific to the concepts we are wrestling right now. These new Australian plays examine how we pass on wisdom to our children, the invisible homeless among us, the discoveries that age us, the ethical dilemmas of evolving technology and the ongoing fear of the unknown. These beautifully crafted stories offer food for the imagination and a gym to work out how you feel about our world and your place within it.”  Continue reading ATYP ANNOUNCES AN EXCITING 2021 SEASON


This image: Rebecca Burchet
Featured image: Sean Cartwright, Callum McManus, Apsara Lindeman and Alexandra Jensen
Production photography: Tracey Schramm

ATYP (Australian Theatre For Young People) has been operating for decades. It is recognised as one of the most innovative youth theatre programs in the world. They have been residing underneath the Sydney Theatre Company for many years, but as the wharves are under reconstruction, they are performing at the Stables Theatre alongside the Griffin Theatre Company. Soon they will have a brand new 200-seat theatre at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay.

Apart from performance seasons, they offer playwriting programs, holiday workshops, weekly workshops, schools’ programs, live-streamed shows, teachers’ resources, scholarships and they also provide opportunities for our future artists all over Australia. Continue reading IMPENDING EVERYONE: INTERNET HISTORIES EXPOSED


‘It’s a horror movie right there on my tv/ And it’s shockin’  me right out of my brain/ It’s bound to get you in/Get right under your skin/Hit you right on the chin/ It’s a horror movie and it’s blown a fuse/ It’s a horror movie/It’s the six thirty news.’ (Skyhooks from the album ‘Living In the Seventies’ 1974).

Australian playwright Daniel Evans play reworks Sophocles classic play into a contemporary setting.

We have an Oedipus who lives in the outer suburbs. Well he did, but as the play’s title states, he has left town, moved on after his dysfunctional world comes apart and he himself implodes.

The stage action takes place after his exit. The style of the play is non-naturalistic; four actors take to the stage and tell us that they will re-enact Oedipus’ story from go to woe by donning various characters caught up in the various situations. By doing so they endeavour to get behind the sensational news, and not only piece together what happened, but to make sense of the horror of it all. Continue reading DANIEL EVANS ‘OEDIPUS DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE’ @ ATYP STUDIO 1

A Town Named War Boy @ The Metcalfe Auditorium, The State Library

A Town Named War Boy 2 - Inset image by Tracey Schramm
Production pics by Tracey Schramm

Australian playwright Ross Mueller has crafted this play-on commission- after going through the State Library’s very significant collection of First World War diaries, photographs  and letters. That is one helluva a brief!

The  approach that Mueller has taken is to structure his piece as a four-hander. We follow the lives of four young men from their enlistment in Sydney to the long boat ride that takes them to Cairo, from where they are then thrown into the war zone, into a town named war boy. Continue reading A Town Named War Boy @ The Metcalfe Auditorium, The State Library


Elena Foreman and Dubs Yunupingu in SUGARLAND. Pic Tracey Schramm
Elena Foreman and Dubs Yunupingu in SUGARLAND. Pic Tracey Schramm

From time to time a new Australian production comes along that contains all the elements of great theatre – good writing, direction, acting and the accompanying creatives of lighting, sound, costume and set design.

SUGARLAND is all this and more.  Playwrights Rachael Coopes and Wayne Blair spent two months in the Northern Territory top end town of Katherine from 2011 to research their new play that was commissioned by ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People). Continue reading Sugarland


Valerie Bader as Mabel and Clementine Mills as Tracey in M. ROCK. Pic LIsa Tomasetti
Valerie Bader as Mabel and Clementine Mills as Tracey in M. ROCK. Pic LIsa Tomasetti

Is the divide that has always existed between the generations growing greater and greater as advancements in technology make further and further inroads into our lives?

I think that it would be fair to say that popular opinion would very much answer this question in the affirmative.

One of Australia’s finest young playwrights, Lachlan Philpott, throws a different, brighter light on this whole issue with his new play, M.ROCK. The play’s romantic notion is that the universal love of music has the power to bridge the gap between the generations.

Continue reading M.ROCK


Holly Fraser's Delilah experiences the turbulence of adolesence
The turbulent world of adolesence- Holly Fraser plays the main character, Delilah

The Australian Theatre for Young People’s (ATYP) enterprising Artistic Director Fraser Corfield has chosen well in presenting, and in this case directing, British playwright Anya Reiss’s  debut play SPUR OF THE MOMENT, written when she was just seventeen years old. The play premiered at London’s Royal Court in 2010, directed by Jeremy Herrin, and is now having its Australian  premiere season. Reiss, brought out by ATYP, was in the audience for opening night.

The talented young playwright throws in plenty of fuel to get her play firing. We are taken into the world of a struggling middle class family at  a very tense time. Wife Vicky has just found out that her husband Nick has been having an affair with her work boss and is on the war path.

The Evans family are having trouble meeting their mortgage repayments. For this reason they have installed a lodger in the house, 21 year old University student Daniel. Their precocious daughter Delilah is about to turn thirteen, and is a handful. Even more so, she is  showing signs that she quite  fancies Daniel….

Corfield’s  production is strong all round. Adrienn Lord’s set is cleverly set up with its open plan view. We- the audience-see into the main rooms in the family home, all well detailed,- the kitchen, the living room and Daniel and Delilah’s bedrooms. Whilst the main action takes place in one room, we get to see what other characters are doing- in their own time, so to speak…

The show features an impressive cast who each inhabit their characters well.

The talented young ATYP trained actors are aided by having two very experienced actors in the senior roles, including Felix Williamson, himself ATYP trained. as father Nick. Williamson delivers a relaxed, confident performance as the straightlaced, awkward, goofy, Nick. Zoe Carides  plays his fraught, highly strung, hyper wife, Vicki.

Holly Fraser gives a strong performance in the main role as their precocious daughter Delilah, who is attempting to jump the transition from childhood to womanhood. Holly’s scenes with Joshua Brennan, impressive as lodger Daniel, represent some of the play’s highlights, at times very  funny and at other times tender and sad.

Lucy Coleman impresses as  Daniel’s girlfriend, Leonie, who  flies in to stay with Daniel for a while, and is like the meat in the sandwich, caught up in the crossfire between Holly and Daniel.

Simone Cheuanghane as Emma G, Madeleine Clunies-Ross as Naomi and Antonio Lewin as Emma M are great fun as Holly’s high spirited, zany girlfriends.

Even if you just go to see this show on the spur of the moment, you won’t be disappointed. Recommended, Anya Reiss’s debut play opened at the ATYP Studio 1, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay on Friday August 30 and is playing until Saturday September 14, 2013.