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Katie Pollock’s NORMAL is an intriguing nigh in the theatre.

The play is set in an unstated town where everyone is living ordinary lives then one day a young woman Polly develops tics and loses control of some of her body’s expressions and movements much like a person suffering from  Tourette’s syndrome.  She has medical tests which come back negative.  Locals are distraught by what’s happening to  her. By the end of the show other people in the town have developed a similar condition.

There’s a lot to ruminate over with this play. What is it really about? There is no tidy ending and the playwright leaves it up to each member of the audience to make up their own mind. My take is that the play is about young women  who have problems expressing themselves and as a result they develop a  Tourettes like condition, a sign of how repressed they are. They need to somehow free themselves, to develop their own identities.  By the end of the play, Poppy has at least in some ways liberated herself, whilst her friends lag behind.  Continue reading KATIE POLLOCK’S ‘NORMAL’ @ THE OLD 505


Featured image: The cast in rehearsal for PROJECT BESTFRIENDSHIP

For heaven’s sake just give them a grant!

PROJECT BESTFRIENDSHIP is a meta-theatre exploration of what it’s like not to have a grant.  The brainchild and nurtured silliness of three indie theatre stalwarts, Ang Collins, Charles O’Grady and Eliza Oliver, the production sprang from a meeting of theatrical minds and has found itself, rather bewildered and blinking, on the stage at The Joan.  Determinedly allusive, it is winning and whimsical and strikes a perfect whinge and whine balance.

Mind you: I would say that wouldn’t I?  Because they really don’t like reviewers and I don’t want to end up starring in their show … allegorically speaking. Continue reading PROJECT BESTFRIENDSHIP. ENORMOUS INTELLIGENT THEATRICAL FUN.