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This is a fun,  light hearted piece of theatre from a troupe of theatre makers who have come all the way from Singapore to perform.

The show is a close cousin to improv theatre/theatre sports . How it worked was that there was a clothesline hung across the stage. On the clothesline were hung some 31 short topics on paper that were numbered. On one side of the paper was the number, on the other side the topic. The audience were asked to call out one of the numbers. The number was taken off the clothesline and then members  of the troupe – there were five in all –  performed the skit. After the skit was performed, the actors called out ‘Next’ waiting for the audience to call out the next number.

This was all carried out under the time pressure  of a digital clock behind them which kicked off at 60 minutes and counted down to zero, before which the performers had to have finished off all their skits. Continue reading FAT KIDS ARE HARDER TO KIDNAP


The Noodle Girls are back with a brand new show ‘Wigging Out’. 

Razzamatazz is the land of body positivity and no garbage, and it’s also the home of the ‘Noodle Girls’. Two noodles living in the wig garden, with the sun, a flower, and rock, for company. Every day is perfect…until… the King of Parramatta Road has stolen a wig! Now the two noodles must adventure down Parramatta Road through to Sydney before it’s sold at Paddy’s markets.

Playing with satirical characters from iconic Australian stores like Bakers Delight, Spotlight, Adairs, Myer and more, Lauren Mcaught and Rachael Fairweather steer a ship of laughs and (from the sounds of the crowd) an obvious loyal fanbase. 

The show allows for eclectic parodies, many a wig change, energetic sketches, and even sketches that are obvious call backs to previous shows are still enjoyed with new eyes and ears. Bright moments for me are when sketches are given more time, and when the two run a tight parody. They do stumble around some scene changes, costume mishaps, and a sense of doing some things on the fly. However, this show of Ali Express wigs doesn’t pretend to be anything polished or pretentious. It’s charm is in it’s real moments, when character and comedian switch in between, and the two women are able to break the fourth wall and claim any mistakes, which gains them more laughs anyway. Continue reading THE NOODLE GIRLS : WIGGING OUT


Chatswood Musical Society’s much anticipated season of HOT MIKADO has commenced.

The show opened last Friday night and features the updated version of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan tale The Mikado as pieced together by Rob Bowman (music) and David H. Bell (lyrics).

Gilbert and Sullivan’s storyline is just a bit of silly nonsense, with the main characters facing life and death situations as if they were on their way to afternoon tea parties. It’s the music, the dancing and the costumes that make this show. The music ranges from jazz to blues to gospel to torch songs, and there’s some tap dancing in the big Company numbers. Continue reading HOT MIKADO : TWO HOURS OF QUIRKY, MESSAGE FREE ENTERTAINMENT