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At the time of writing this Sydney venues are opening up to audience capacities of 75%. With Covid 19 check ins it is advisable to arrive  a half an hour before the scheduled performance time.

One is hurried in and may miss one of the additional pleasures, in particular a spectacular foyer.

The grand- daddy of them all is the State Theatre in Market Street, Sydney.  The building was completed in  1929 after a two year build.

State Theatre

It is an unusual blend of Art Deco and Heraldic  decoration obviously  reflecting the interests of the architect  Henry  Eli White. It was heritage listed and there are tours of the foyer, but whether these have recommenced is an uncertainty.

Like the State Theatre, the Randwick Ritz was heritage listed in 1999. It is located at 43 St Pauls Street, Randwick, the area colloquially known as the Spot. It was designed by Aaron Bolot in a classic Art Deco design in 1937, featuring Egyptian motifs with their sharp, angular lines complementing those of the Art Deco movement.

Radwick Ritz

In 2008 the Australian Film Walk Of Fame  was created outside the theatre’s foyer, with plaques honouring members of the Australian film industry.

Those honoured include Charles Tingwell, Michael Caton , Claudia Karvan, Jack Thompson , Barry Otto and Deborah Mailman, to name  but a few.

The next two theatres are not heritage listed and, in fact, one of them, the Camelot Lounge, had to move to its current premises because the previous venue was declared a fire trap. It is located at 103 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.

It is not a traditional foyer as such. As you enter the venue after climbing a steep flight of stairs, you are confronted  with a  jumble of camels and Botero paintings with their oversize  subjects and flamboyance.

The Camelot Lounge
Camelot Lounge

It is co-owned by Tony Hecimovic and Yaron Hallis, who is the lead singer and founder of Monsieur Camembert. The band is depicted  on the Lounge’s wall  and the  real Yaron Hallis can be seen on many nights serving pizzas and the like .

The Factory Theatre located at 105 Victoria  Road, Marrickville is not a traditional  foyer as such  as it has no roof. However, at night, when you enter this space you are dazzled by a cornucopia of fairy lights and decorations.

Factory Theatre, Marrickville
Factory Theatre
Factory Theatre

It reminded me of the nocturnal decorations of Luna Park. The space  opens up to a number of venues and once again you may be rushing to find the appropriate performance space thus missing  the fairyland above you.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Palace Central foyer in the Central Park complex . At this venue you are greeted by long wall apertures of colour alternating neon lights.  You don’t have  to look up  to see or feel the impact of this foyer.

Palace Cinema Central

Photos and text  by Ben Apfelbaum.




BUB CLUB WITH ELLIOT AND KATHRYN AND ALIA @ The Matchbox Theatre, Factory Theatre

Dirty Thunder Comedy Presents BUB CLUB, providing an excellent comedy-variety night, with completely fresh three-way comedy event, fully providing a huge stand-up fringe comedy evening.

Starring Elliott Stewart (RAW National Finalist 2019) playing to his strengths as the still awkward teenager, but with loads of audience participation.

Starring Alia Lievore (Comedy Lounge) improvised comedy quickly created from the willing (and unwilling i.e. Roger) who unknowingly chose to be seated in the front row.

Starring Kathryn Thomas (RAW National Finalist 2019) as the final standup artiste, she delivered her quite unusual comedy one-liners, and to spread the word, several of her one-liners have already been repeated at my work and with my friends. Fast paced comedy and very entertaining.

Continue reading BUB CLUB WITH ELLIOT AND KATHRYN AND ALIA @ The Matchbox Theatre, Factory Theatre


Dark comedy and very effective dialogue driven play, with two unhinged constantly feuding brothers. Beautifully constructed dithyrambic drama and savage tale of the weak good versus the strong bad. Unending sibling rivalry, despite five years since they were last together, the happily married younger brother is still the submissive victim of his dominant brother’s constant dangerous threats. Fortunately director Dimity Raftos has chosen the perfect cast for the two brothers, to deliver vividly believable performances, always showcasing all the highs and lows of brothers, who have taken very different paths since leaving home.                    Continue reading TRUE WEST @ THE FACTORY THEATRE Marickville




HEATHERS THE MUSICAL provides multiple insights into the bullying, assaults, intimidation, violence and gun ownership of American senior high school students at Westerberg High. Beautiful misfit loner Veronica Sawyer, is wonderfully played with great gusto by Julia Hyde, when she finally succeeds in joining the school’s elite and cliquey trio of beautiful young women, THE HEATHERS.

Veronica falls deeply in lust for Jason Dean (J.D.), played by Stuart Prime, the very dark, mysterious and dangerously sexy new bad boy at the school. Julia Sophie Liela is undeniably menacing as the elegant Queen Bitch, Heather Chandler.

Unremittingly entertaining musical with biting lyrics plus murder and mayhem galore, and is based on the cult 1988 Hollywood movie HEATHERS starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

Directors Kyle Stephens and Liviu Monsted have wisely cast three very brightly voiced women as the Three Heathers. Thought-provoking teenage revenge musical contains frequent confronting adult themes and easily blends its enthralling young-adult drama with caustic sharp humour.

We finally meet the mean girls, these three bitches, Heather Duke, Heather McNamara and led by Heather Chandler. They are HEATHER I and II and III fully displayed in all their glory, hunting down all the nerds who are their easy prey, in the school jungle.



Great things come in fours: seasons, elements, the horsemen of the apocalypse and now Orbotetski–the all-star quartet of Sydney’s brightest young improvisers.

Larry Orkin (Or), Alex Boggie (Bo), Julien Perrottet (Tet) and John Brudreski (Ski) unite for Sydney Fringe Comedy on 30th August 2017 to perform a 50 minute entirely improvised show.

Steeped in the Chicago-style longform tradition, the improvised comedy will showcase Orbotetski’s unique brand of inspired ideas, fully realised characters and loads of heart.

Between them, Orbotetski have trained and performed at some of the finest improv schools around like iO and Second City in Chicago, Laugh Masters Academy, Improv Theatre Sydney and Impro Australia.

The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, NSW 2204
Dates: Wed 30th August 2017, Fri 1st September 2017, Sun 3rd September 2017
Times: Wed 9.30pm, Fri 9.30pm, Sun 8.30pm
Tickets: $10


For more about Orbotetski, visit http://fringecomedy.com.au/single-event?show_id=61
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


This was an astonishing juggernaut of great musical entertainment. It was full of catchy tunes with a young cast of pretty girls and handsome boys, always expounding the addictive dangers of the banned narcotic drug, known as the evil weed called Marijuana.

This was a delightful musical parody of the 1936 cult fake-news movie documentary. Concerned parents are lectured on the dangers of the new evil drug, Marijuana, that will turn all their virtuous teenagers into drug-addicted, sex-crazed, jazz music lovers, suffering from the munchies. Today on the cusp of global marijuana legalization and medical marijuana breakthroughs, and with the benefit of hindsight, this satirical musical provides hilarious hazy insights into our current political climate of  conservatism combined with bigotry. Continue reading A RAVE REVIEW FOR ‘REEFER MADNESS’ @ THE FACTORY THEATRE Marrickville


Fresh off the plane from his success at the Melbourne Comedy Festival comes Matty B as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Matty B’s somewhat confronting humour goes where other comedians fear to tread.

Despite the tough and extremely intimate venue – ‘The Container’ at the Factory Theatre, (literally a carpeted storage container with 50 chairs inside), he crossed the line but read his audience well and kept the laughs rolling.

Matty B has got it tough doing comedy in Sydney – he angles himself as a jobless waster on the fringe of the drug scene, yet the type of people who can pay Sydney ticket prices and go out to the theatre on a rainy Friday aren’t from that ‘tax bracket’  our group were all professionals. Continue reading MATTY B – A BLUNT INSTRUMENT @ THE FACTORY THEATRE




THIS IS NOT JUST A COMEDY SHOW, expect to enjoy laugh applaud, this amazing alternative art stand-up comedy narrative expertly performed by comedian Matty B, with very coarse language storytelling filled with humour, that is both narrated and sung, including perfectly-matched bogan live music.

Meet Neville Peters who is a struggling man, down on his luck, ready to say goodbye to life, until his assigned Bogan Angel saves him and immediately sends him forth on a ludicrous and absurd journey from riches to rags.


iAmSeizure.com presents SEIZURE KAISER in Trigger (word) Happy


This is the funniest comedy show this year at the Sydney Comedy Festival, and every night SEIZURE KAISER delivers fresh comedy material that is uncensored and almost one hundred percent funny, with a ton of killer gags that keep on coming. The whole audience was fabulous on the night of the show and was laughing continuously, easily adding to the mood and allowed the show to go into previously unexplored territory. You are vividly taken on his comedy journey to ultimately discover that SEIZURE KAISER “with humour, removes all the power of trigger words”.

Continue reading iAmSeizure.com presents SEIZURE KAISER in Trigger (word) Happy


Jetpack Collective Theatre Company

Some of Sydney’s best, fastest, and funniest performers use the cult board game hit Cards Against Humanity as the basis for ________.

“Not contributing to society in any meaningful way”
“An awesome improvised comedy show”
“A micropig wearing a tiny raincoat and booties”

Featuring Jim Fishwick, Maddie Parker, Robert Boddington, Jane Watt, Bryce Halliday, and special guests!

8, 9, and 11 September at the Factory Theatre, at 9.30pm.

Tickets $15 Full, $10 Concession, plus booking fees. Book now at bit.do/ComedyAgainstHumanity

Presented by Jetpack Theatre Collective as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, neither of whom have any affiliation with the makers of Cards Against Humanity.

Directed by Jim Fishwick, and produced by Kendra Murphy.

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/events/854664447950868/

Website   http://www.bit.do/ComedyAgainstHumanity


Kill Tony Abbott to play Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival in September


Dominica Duckworth is presenting her new stand-up comedy show  KILL TONY ABBOTT (a stand up show, not a suggestion!) as part of this year’s Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.

In a colourful and varied career so far Dominica has performed with the Australian Theatre For Young People, participated in the Caravan Slam, is a former Raw Comedy heats finalist and currently holds a day job as a high school English teacher.

Dominica describes her show as an hour of lefty stand-up and which she claims is guaranteed to make us laugh about how guilty and alienated we have become! Continue reading Kill Tony Abbott to play Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival in September

It’s War @ The Factory Theatre

IT’S WAR is a very funny, if completely politically incorrect satire about two neighbouring couples whose friendship turns sour when one pair decide to do backyard extensions. Shane and his Vietnamese wife Ngoc Bich keep their plans under wraps until it is too late, and when Soula and Pandelis find out about the new verandah, they are furious.

IT’S WAR is about coping with neighbours from hell and shifting allegiances in a landscape that is constantly shifting. Initially both couples are united in friendship and their battles against Mona, a leopard-skin clad stirrer on the street who drops in to gossip and boss the others around.      Continue reading It’s War @ The Factory Theatre

Seizure Kaiser Is GUTLESS @ The Factory Theatre


Seizure Kaiser’s sold-out smash hit from the 2014 Sydney Fringe, his sarcastic and cynical show GUTLESS about being a cancer survivor, was critically acclaimed and he has now brought it back as part of the current 11th Sydney Comedy Festival.

Seizure Kaiser is still enjoying his fortunate life as a cancer survivor, and now delivers his latest maniacal comedy routine with a twist, encompassing the hilariously dark and completely true story of his dangerous high risk lifestyle during his twenties. Continue reading Seizure Kaiser Is GUTLESS @ The Factory Theatre

IT’S RUBEEEEEE!! IN LIGHTS @ The Matchbox Theatre

SCF PHOTO 8 copy
Production photography by Christopher Starnawski

Rubee Sookee is a big funny girl, on stage again with her new fourty-five minute stand-up sketch comedy show, part of the 11th Sydney Comedy Festival.

It  was a sold out opening night performance, featuring a constant flow of clever and very funny short comedy scenes, keeping the audience laughing throughout. The comedy was interspersed with her cleverly choreographed dance routines, with inspired help from her forever loyal back up dancer, Levi.

Continue reading IT’S RUBEEEEEE!! IN LIGHTS @ The Matchbox Theatre



How often do you see a funny existential play that examines the reason and nature of theatre, life, death, meaning and the sheer randomness of the universe?

A man, played impressively by Heath Ivey-Law, walks into a comfortable middle class lounge room, mistaking it for a toilet, sees the audience and is embarrassed. He attempts to go back out of the room but the door will not open. He unsuccessfully tries the doors on the other two walls which only leaves the invisible fourth wall. After some deliberately predictable miming the fourth wall does turn out to be impenetrable. The man is joined by a woman, played with confidence and humour by Jodine Muir, who mistakes the room for a toilet and similarly cannot escape the room. As they can see the audience they begin to wonder if they may be in a play. Neither character can remember anything prior to entering the room. In a profound and revealing question the woman asks, “Perhaps I didn’t exist before I walked on stage?”

The actors discuss the motivation and philosophies of the playwright, Simon Dodd, from various perspectives. The masculine and feminine perspectives are explored, and in this case the man is the more philosophical and cerebral character, whereas the woman is much more practical and grounded in this world. Plaything directly questions the relationships between playwrights, the actors, critics and the audience. Does the audience come for escapism, philosophical musings or for a challenging and thoughtful evening?

Plaything contains many theatre jokes and references. The actors attempt to work out what the next plot point could be and try to trigger events by calling out cues. Peter Adams performs well in his brief role and is one of these critical plot points. The young couple are joined on stage by an older couple, played with elegant and appropriate ham acting by Richard Cotter and Tricia Youlden, which gives the play another level of dynamism and an opportunity to explore youth, optimism and exuberance and to compare these attributes with experience, wisdom and the jaded acceptance of ones fate.

Simon Dodd’s PLAYTHING manages to be entertaining and philosophical whilst cleverly exploring why playwrights write, actors act and audiences go to the theatre.

PLAYTHING was performed at Factory Theatre, Marrickville as part of this years’  Sydney Comedy Festival.



Theatresports’s  Cranston Cup, where Australia’s ultimate comedy teams battle against each other, and the best of the best. quickest, wittiest ad-libbers and comic improvisers put their inspired imagination, spontaneous wit and hilarious courage to their audience each week to get their team to the finals on 30th November 2013, and to reign supreme with the biggest, and most highly prized comedy trophy in Australia.

The teams all go a four full rounds with the audience constantly laughing at all the insanity of the improvisations.

This week saw twenty plus sets of improvised mayhem, including The Sims trapped inside a coffin, the strangest Star Trek adventure, love gone wrong, Jane Austen’s pregnant heroine, Russian hand puppet press conference, a first date night.

This was great entertainment and a closely fought battle all night with The Bridie Of FrankenSteen winning the evening.

Heat 2 of Theatresports Cranston Cup played the Factory  Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville on Sunday 6th October. David Callan hosted the night and the teams appearing were:

* The Bridie Of FrankenSteen – Bridie Connell & Steen Raskopoulos

* Yay! It’s Jon Williams & Friends! – Steve Lynch, Patrick Magee, Lisa Ricketts & Jon Williams

* The Ephemeral Arteries – Ewan Campbell & Michael Gregory

* The Sims – Jim Fishwick & Sam Jenkins

* ColeTrain – Anneli Cole & James Colley

* Mantaur – Rob Johnson & Harry Milas

The final Cranston Cup heats are to be played out on October  13 and Oct 27 at the Factory Theatre followed by two semi finals. The Theatresports 2013 Cranston Cup Grand Final is to take place at 8pm on 30th November, 2013 at the Enmore Theatre.