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Eryn Jean Norvill in STC’s ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’. Pic Dan Boud

This production amounts to the third in Kip Williams trilogy of productions in which he has so evocatively, so powerfully, used his approach of intricately combining theatre with video elements to dramatise the complex lives of the play’s characters.

In both the other plays in the trilogy, Tennessee Williams ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ and Bertolt Brecht’s ‘The Irresistible Rise Of Arturo Ui’ the audience was treated to the pleasure of watching a cast of talented actors perform.

The tone is very different in ”The Picture of Dorian Gray’. Williams has just one actor, Eryn Jean Norvill, to fill the stage. In a mercurial performance  Norvill plays some 26 roles, and deserved every bit of the standing ovation she went on to receive.

Wilde’s allegorical tale speaks so much about the human condition;, how prone to vanity we human beings are, how deeply we try to hold onto our youth and how  futilely we deny the ageing process and our own mortality. These themes come through with crystal clarity.

How best to describe this production?! I’m choosing to say it is  a very visceral experience. The scenes come across so clearly. Like the scene where the audience witnesses Dorian Gray experiencing the grotesqueness and all encompassing nature of an opium den.

The current season of ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde, adapted and directed by Kip Williams, starring Eryn Jean Norvill, has been extended until Saturday January 9, 2021. With recent changes to Covid 19 regulations the Sydney Theatre Company is now able to fill the Roslyn Packer Theatre to 75% capacity.


Production images by Dan Boud.

Suddenly Last Summer @ The Drama Theatre

Inset Pic- Eryn Jean Norvill as Catharine. Featured Pic- Susan Prior as Mrs Holly, Paula Arundell as Sister Felicity, Eryn Jean Norvill as Catharine, Robyn Nevin as Mrs Venable and Mark Leonard Winter as Doctor in Tennessee Williams’ SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER

This current Sydney Theatre Company show at the Opera House has that wow factor.

Kip Williams stunning production of Tennessee Williams brilliant play is a must see.

Within  a few minutes of the play starting we are completely immersed in Williams’  disturbing, hypnotic world.

The play’s title refers to the death the summer previous of Sebastian Venable. Whilst we never get to meet Sebastian on stage, the play is all about charting Sebastian’s journey, telling his story, and the terrible circumstances surrounding his  death.  Continue reading Suddenly Last Summer @ The Drama Theatre


Dylan Young and Eryn Jean Norvill plays the star crossed lovers. Pic Lisa Tomasetti
Dylan Young and Eryn Jean Norvill plays the star crossed lovers. Pic Lisa Tomasetti

With Kip Williams’s current production of R and J audiences get  a bold, brash and powerful reworking of the Bard’s star crossed lovers tale.

Everything is big and dramatic and  vivid as…one suspect that he was more than a little encouraged by Bazmark’s film to do something similar in a theatrical vein.

Plenty of dollars have been spent on the set and staging,- David Fleischer- which features multiple revolves and ‘boxed’ sets, and the costumes- Anna Lise Phillips as Juliet’s mother comes out in a lavish, extreme pink dress- everywhere there is opulence…extravagance.

Alan John’s, together with Nate Edmonson’s, soundscape works in well with the narrative, mixing cutting edge music bytes with orchestral tones.

Williams’s production, with lighting man Nicholas Rayment’s work, is visually stunning. Williams’s staging is excellent. The scene where Juliet is at the deep back of the theatre in just the barest of lighting, as she waits for Romeo’s appearance is mesmeric.

As is Eamon Farren as he makes his dramatic entrance, full of bravado, that kicks off the second half.

As the star crossed lovers, Eryn Jean Norvill and Dylan Young shine brightly. During the show they have to make some direct audiences from the front centre of the stage and they do so confidently and with eloquent phrasing.

Others to stand out in the cast include some highly experienced performers,- Colin Moody as Juliet’s Dad, Julie Forsyth as her Nurse and Mitchell Butel as the Friar.

Highly recommended, this Sydney Theatre Company production runs at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House until November 2. It is a long night, running over two and a half hours, but worth every minute.