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The Australian National Maritime Museum in association with the Sydney  Festival presents Badu by ERTH. 

Journey into the wild wonders of  our ocean with an immersive experience that features beautiful puppetry, visual effects and multi media.  

‘Badu’ is an Indigenous word meaning ‘water’ which reflects on the preciousness and the wonder of  aquatic life in Sydney Harbour.

Audience members will meet a lively cast of aquatic creatures including humpback whales, grey nurse and  bull sharks, stingrays, musical mulletfish, leafy sea dragons and bioluminescent jellyfish. Continue reading BADU BY ERTH OPENS AT AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM

Prehistoric Aquarium @ Carriageworks

Erth_Prehisoric Aquarium.Kronosaur + kids

Erth and their puppets are back! Having been several times to visit Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, we were looking forward to the latest incarnation.

Our host Drew- casually interacts with his audience as they settle. The target group, the younger audience, are encouraged to sit on the carpet area at the front before a ‘live’ giant screen that takes us into the prehistoric aquarium world.

Drew disarms and makes new friends. He is brightly coloured and his demeanour of the informal is also linked to his lack of real knowledge. Then as the show begins he is interrupted by Catherine the resident marine biologist to secure the facts. This attempt at layering the information is quite effective. Continue reading Prehistoric Aquarium @ Carriageworks