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All images: Ranui Young

FIVE ELEMENTS concert . (Enigma Quartet and Riley Lee)

The Shakuhachi is a Japanese flute whose sound embodies ancient Japan .  The world then was thought to comprise of five elements ( earth fire water air and ether ) melding into a divinity of nature its plants and animals.

The Enigma Quartet comprises four adventurous and accomplished female musicians. There’s no surprise that they fell in love with the Shakuhachi and one of it’s foremost exponents, Riley Lee, an expatriate American musician now permanently living in Australia.

It was a great concert .  The shakuhachi is both hypnotic and spiritually soothing. Listening to it you sense  the stillness of a falling leaf  .. mists descending through mountainous ravines… a small bird  capturing it’s prey in full flight…the sudden swiftness of death. Nature is sacred and ephemeral and primordial and the sound of shakuhachi is an embodiment of it. Continue reading ENIGMA QUARTET: A DIALOGUE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST