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Theatre  Time Sydney has been around for a long time as a meetup.com group for people who enjoy going to live theatre events. They are a passionate  group of theatre lovers.

Now the group has gone one step further and is funding its first production through a grant from Northern beaches Council.  The play is  ‘Kristiana from the Sea’ featuring an intertwining storyline and has been written by Australian playwright Emma Willis. The two tales intertwine as the playwright’s wife struggles with her bitterness at her husband’s cruelties. Although set in 1950s, the play’s themes reflect today’s issues and absurdities.

The play is.being directed by Roz Riley of the Factory Space Theatre Company.

The venue is Humph Hall 85 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights. Humph Hall is a church that has been converted into a community theatre.

The first rehearsal has taken place and things are on  track for the two show performances on Sunday August 23 at 3pm and
Saturday August 29th at 7.30pm. There will be a small audience attending the performances. As well the performances will be live streamed with four cameras being used to film the event. The price for a ticket is $20.

Theatre Time Sydney organisers Bryon and Maggy are keen for anyone interested in attending the show, to become a member of the Theatre Time Sydney group at meetup.com. Here is the link – – – https://www.meetup.com/TheatreTimeSydney/events/267134890

Here is the booking link to see ‘Kristiana from the Sea’ –



Pompey Bum, who works for Mistress Overdone as a pimp, but disguises his profession by describing himself as a mere “tapster” (the equivalent of a modern bartender), avers to the imprisonment of Claudio and outrageously explains Claudio’s abhorrent sexual crime against a woman as “Groping for trouts in a peculiar river.”

“A PECULIAR RIVER” was beautifully adapted by Emma Willis, the author of the recent FSTC production of “An Unexpected Execution”. This dark comedy features a superb cast, and provides a fast paced and very entertaining night of live theatre, directed with style and panache by Roz Riley.

The source material for “A PECULIAR RIVER” is one of the very rarely performed problem plays as written by William Shakespeare, that is believed to have been written in 1603 or 1604, that for any audience, always needs to be adapted to make sense of the mess that is the raw script for MEASURE FOR MEASURE.

Claudio is arrested by Lord Angelo, who has been appointed by The Duke as the temporary leader of Vienna. Angelo is left in charge by The Duke, Vincentio, who deliberately pretends to leave Vienna. However The Duke has chosen to be a stalker by dressing-up as Friar Lodowick to observe the fresh intrigues and the machinations caused by his absence. The story unfolds concerning what will happen to Claudio.                                     Continue reading A PECULIAR RIVER


Dimity Raftos as Queen Elizabeth enjoying a moment with her court favourite Roberto Zenco the Earl of Leicester

Factory Space Theatre Company’s production of AN UNEXPECTED EXECUTION by Emma Wills is a powerful & dramatic presentation of the last part of the life of Mary Stuart and the political dealings of the English court under Queen Elizabeth.

This adaptation is based on the play MARY STUART by the great German playwright Fredriech Schiller. The evocative language, uniformly strong acting and inventive set bring to life what could have become a dry history lesson. As the writing, lyrical in parts, bitter in others, gradually reveals the historical aspects of the story, the drama and tension build, particularly during the second half, to its deadly conclusion.