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There have been 10 ‘teaser films’ released to herald the full Mardi Gras Film Festival launch on Jan 11th. Documentaries, romances, international films etc. all reflecting the lives, interests and passion of the LGBTIQ community.

“By widening our search across the most influential film festivals, as well as the key LGBTIQ festivals, we know we are bringing the very best of the best to Sydney,” explains Festival Director Paul Struthers. “Interestingly, we can now do this as more LGBTIQ characters and storylines appear in mainstream movies.”

BAD GIRL is one such. This is not a ‘lesbian film’. This is a cracker of a thriller in any context with a charismatic young woman at its centre and an equally compelling young woman circling her, their sexuality merely one element of their attraction to each other. Continue reading BAD GIRL