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The Hayes Theatre Company is set to reopen next month with a performance of Young Frankenstein. Their Sydney Festival romp, Rewired : Musicals Reimagined was a  showcase for the regular creatives and versatile vocal and acting talent connected with the Hayes. 

Its fresh take on established musical  theatre favourites sets our regular theatre-going sensibilities on fire. The amazing moments of musical transformation via huge makeovers are stunning new strains for us to cherish. 

This slick super medley of an event  features six voices, four band members and three musical directors who are frequently featured at the Hayes Theatre.  Continue reading SYDNEY FESTIVAL : REWIRED : MUSICALS REIMAGINED @ THE HAYES


This is the Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s first commissioned work. The Company wanted to put together a play that responded to the #MeToo movement that originally came out of America. The premise  was to document positive, articulate responses to the movement and detail some stories of the obstacles and struggles prominent Australian women have had in their own lives and careers .

What has resulted is ‘documentary’  theatre at its best. The voices of The Hon. Dr Anne Aly, Julia Bates AO, Dr Marion Blackwell AM, Pam Burridge, The Hon Julia Gillard AC, Nikki Keating, Professor Marcia Lanngton AM, Sister Patricia Madigan PHD and Erin Phillips came through as they each made important contributions to the night.

These  distinguished figures were played by a wonderful cast  of talented actresses. They were Gabrielle Chan, Shakira Clanton, Lynette Curran, Deborah Galanos and Emily Havea. Their performances were nothing short of exemplary.

As well as being the director Victory Midwinter Pitt was the lead writer and she was helped by Amelia Collingham, Michelle Lee, Maeve Marsden, Libby Wood and Jordan Raskopoulos.

This was a great  night at the theatre. See it if you possibly can.

I’M WITH HER is playing the Eternity Playhouse until Sunday  1 December, 2019 .  Running time just under 3 hours.












Emily Havea

Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta (NTofP) will present George Brant’s powerful psychological thriller, GROUNDED.

Engaging, fast paced and emotionally charged, GROUNDED follows the story of a female pilot who matches her male colleagues flight for flight, drink for drink, and drives down the freeway blasting AC/DC.  The pilot’s world takes a drastic turn when she is forced to stop flying and become a drone operator. The vastness of flying military jets over deserts and being at one with the blue has now been replaced with drones. Death delivered by remote control. A virtual battlefield. Continue reading GROUNDED. NATIONAL THEATRE OF PARRAMATTA GIVEAWAY