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Would you kill for love? That is the question the new opera ‘Love Burns’ asks.

Angela loves Jack. Jack cons Angela. After being swindled out of her life’s savings, Angela blackmails Jack into being with her. Together they hatch a scheme to get rich by killing lonely widows and stealing off with their fortunes. This is a night at the opera you won’t forget!

‘Love Burns’ is presented by The Other Theatre. The Other Theatre is an independent theatre and opera company dedicated to presenting the less explored corners of our cannon: forgotten classics, Australian premieres and little produced Australian work. Founded in 2018 by Eugene Lynch, The Other Theatre has presented sell-out seasons of Shakespeare’s Richard II, Mike Bartlett’s Cock, the Australian premiere of Marius von Mayenburg’s The Dog, The Night and The Knife and Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas

The opera has been written by Graeme Koehne and Louis Nowra. The production is being sponsored by the SBW Foundation and has been developed by the Shopfront Arts Co-op’s open shop program.

‘Love Burns’ will be performed at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, 34-40 Burton Street, Darlinghurst. ‘Love Burns’ only has four performances Friday 23rd October at 8pm and 9.30pm and Saturday 24 October at 8pm and 9.30pm.


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DIRTY FEET has now been around for twelve years and this is the latest season of their OUT OF THE STUDIO. Two very strong works in development raising various issues about our society and the world around us . The house was packed and treated to some exciting , unusual choreography and great dancing.


First up in the double bill was ‘Madonna’ choreographed and directed by Emma Harrison who also performed. The two other cast members were Emalyn Knight and Mikayla Nangle . Yes , Harrison’s work is inspired by Madonna as in the pop star phenomenon , but the work also examines the Madonnna/whore complex , the Virgin Mary , how women have been perceived , documented and pigeonholed throughout the ages and celebrates strong women throughout the ages .

There are references to Greco-Roman goddesses ( Diana and Athena ) and how women have been portrayed throughout time .The dancers are at some points posed like shop mannequins so there is also the ideal of the ‘perfect’ women’s body .The work also uses the dynamic of the female gaze as the dancers sometimes stare unflinchingly at the audience. Continue reading DIRTY FEET: OUT OF THE STUDIO


Sorry readers, but this performance needed editing and a dramaturg. While the idea behind it was great and the actual dance sections were terrific, it was way too dependent on technology and while yes, it was extremely intimate and revealing the monologues were far too rambling at times.

Walsh is an award-winning Australian contemporary dance and performance practitioner. He has been at the forefront of many significant shifts within the Australian arts and cultural landscape since 1991, having been significantly involved in the national contemporary dance, performance and disability-inclusive communities, major queer performance forums and the arts and environmental science sector – all progressive developments throughout his career. Continue reading DEAN WALSH : REMOTE CONTROL @ EAST SYDNEY COMMUITY AND ARTS CENTRE