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Now is the winter of our discontent …

The latest offering from Streamed Shakespeare is a most exciting RICHARD 111 directed by Jamie Collette. Direction by Collette is handled with assurance, strength and clarity. It is niftily edited by technical director Charlotte Wiltshire, stage manager Stephen Starnawski, visual designer, Emma Johnston and visual editor, David Castle. The poetry and power of Shakespeare’s words are beautifully handled.

It has been contemporized to a degree but still faithfully follows the complicated manoeuvrings of the Wars of the Roses. As in previous productions much use is made of the split-screen technique for the large cast. Along with wonderful atmospheric images of London the backdrops are mostly of a huge castle and voluminous rooms. Each scene and location is announced in a lugubrious voice over, with an image of a large white rose ( of York) with droplets of blood ( red for Lancaster ).

For the battle of Bosworth there is a large Lancastrian red rose for Richmond (while mostly things are updated in this version the battle of Bosworth itself is fought on horseback in armour with most effective aerial shots. It seems however a bit strange for Richard to wear a Lancastrian red jacket for the battle. Continue reading STREAMED SHAKESPEARE RICHARD 111


Production Images: Robert Catto

URZA AND THE SONG IN THE DARK is exactly what I always expect from Matriark Theatre – Artfully analogue, handmade, bespoke excellence in design and execution.   It’s a wonderful production which is bursting with humanist joy, the visualization of the invisible and the evocation of sung landscapes of soul.  Designed for children, this detailed yet easily portable production, engages young and old with puppetry, shadow work and original music combined a story of myth,  meaning and much mirth.

The spirit of the hill, the song spirit, is broken and the stones of its shadows are all that is left.    The humans mine and crush the stones for their power to light the town, with no thought to their real meaning or purpose.  Urza is one of the best miners at Tickett’s factory and she has ambitions to be ‘Chief Digger’ until her world is shaken and she finds herself led by a spirit boy who has chosen her for an earth shattering task. She is lost in an underground place that is very, very mysterious,   Urza crawl and fly as she experiences many adventures on her way to loving the earth and all the song stones that make it special. Continue reading URZA & THE SONG IN THE DARK: BEWILDERING BEAUTY, YOUNG OR OLD


“Alice is Awesome” said Alice.  “Alice, you’re awesome” said I to Alice.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND is intergenerational theatre crafted with care and performed with joy.   It is an offering received with the love of immersion and the thrill of total involvement in a world of imagination.   And wonderfullest of all, it’s home-grown. Continue reading ALICE IN WONDERLAND: CURIOUSER AND WONDERFULLER


Follow us down the rabbit hole for a madcap ride! ALICE IN WONDERLAND has been reinvented with a unique Australian flavour and will have children and adults alike whooping in delight.

For over 150 years Alice in Wonderland has captured the imaginations of children all over the world, and now returns in a fresh, exciting and all new Australian adaptation for the whole family.

Lewis Carroll’s whirling, fantastical masterpiece is faithfully and beautifully recreated as a nonstop, madcap theatrical adventure for the whole family. See the classic kids’ tale in an all new Australian adaptation by multi award-winning playwright Mary Anne Butler, starring Dubs Yunupingu as Alice.

As part of Sydney Festival, this wonderful show, from the producer of the critically acclaimed and immensely popular The Very Hungry Caterpillar, will have its world premiere at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, 5-27 January 2018

For more about Alice in Wonderland – a theatrical adventure for the whole family, visit http://www.aliceinwonderlandlive.com
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