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Monkey…Journey to the West

Second Image
Aljin Abella and Darren Gilshenan in Monkey…Journey to The West

Hands up those who remember the iconic incredibly popular TV series Monkey of the 1970’s ?

Theatre of Image under the brilliantly inspired direction of Kim Carpenter, in combination with legendary John Bell of Bell Shakespeare and in collaboration with Team 9Lives have fashioned a magnificent, enthralling, visually stunning production based on a story originally from the 1500’s that enchants.

For those unfamiliar with Monkey it could perhaps be compared to a Buddhist style ‘ The Wizard of OZ’ with our heroes on a mission to rescue three holy scriptures and return them to the people of China. The fable with its moral and visual symbolism lends itself splendidly to this multi layered production.
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Alice Ansara (Sophie) and Sheridan Harbridge (Loren) raise their teacups to life in Donna Abela’s JUMP FOR JORDAN currently playing at the Stables Theatre, Kings Cross

In time for Mardi Gras, the Griffin Theatre presents Sydney playwright, Donna Abela’s award-winning play, Jump for Jordan. It is more than a ‘coming out’ play. It depicts the experience of being ‘caught between two cultures’ common to second-generation Australians.

An archaeology student, Sophie leaves home at 21 unmarried, shaming her traditional Jordanian mother. She moves in with fellow archaeology student, Sam, her Aussie girlfriend. Six years later, losing sleep, and petrified of the judgement of her visiting ‘mad Arab’ Aunty Azza, Sophie is forced to lie about her life, her career and the existence of Sam. She may be also lying to herself.

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