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This image: Dennis Coard
Featured image: Dennis Coard as Wal with Saxon Gray, Joanne Booth and Ruth Caro.                                   Production photos: Cathy Ronalds

SAG:  What drew you to this project?  Was it the part of Wal or the play itself? How do you see Wal?

DENNIS:      There have been over 50 productions and a feature film of Hannie Rayson’s “Hotel Sorrento”. I haven’t seen the film but I did see Hit’s production of the play many years ago, and I really liked the character of Wal – now I’m old enough to play the role so I was delighted to accept the offer when it came.

Wal is a good man and a good father but probably not the best of husbands, over his life he would have spent more time with his mates than he did with his wife. So, while he loved her he probably didn’t really listen to her or understand how she felt. Continue reading ‘HOTEL SORRENTO’- AN INTERVIEW WITH WAL (DENNIS COARD)


Autralia Day 2
The set for Australia Day’s current production at Glen Street

Jonathon Biggins has written and directed a very funny fictional play about an organising Committee set up for the upcoming Australia Day celebrations in the made-up beachside town of Coriole in rural Australia.

The Committee sees itself as a very significant organisation and takes its responsibilities for organising  choirs, dance groups, the march, the citizenship ceremony and the visiting dignitary for Australia Day with the utmost earnestness.

Also of concern for the members is the Mayor’s push for pre-selection at the next election, and the presence of a newly arrived Green’s representative on Council who has some new fangled big city ideas about broadening the appeal of the celebrations to embrace multiculturalism and voluminous minority groups. Continue reading AUSTRALIA DAY @ GLEN STREET THEATRE