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This is a fascinating book. It is a relatively small and light paperback , written in a clear and easy to understand style . Divided into seventeen chapters ,the biography has a handy table of contents as well as a list of abbreviations used and a Forward by the author at the front , several pages of footnotes and a well researched bibliography and index at the back.There are some black and white photos throughout and there is a rather delicate and charming portrait of Lee as the frontispiece .

Solidly researched, following trails in Armagh, Monaghan, Cambridge, London and Adelaide Denise George examines the extraordinary inspirational life of Mary Lee, a suffragist and social justice advocate . At times Lee broke/ignored society’s restrictive conventions of the times to improve the lot of women and others.

Lee was born in 1821 in Monaghan, Ireland daughter of a Protestant working class family and trained as a school teacher. In 1844 she married George(?) Lee, organist and vicar-choral of Armagh Cathedral; they had four sons and three daughters. Before travelling to Adelaide in 1879 Lee had escaped the devastating potato famine in Ireland and moved to England with George , first Cambridge and then London becoming principal of her own school .’ She spoke lovingly of George and held a high regard for her late husband many years after his death ‘. Continue reading MARY LEE : THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A TURBULENT ACTIVIST