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The Matilda Waltz

THE MATILDA WALTZ, written by Deborah Mulhall, spans 100 years of Australian history through the eyes of five generations of Australian women, each the daughter of the woman before.

The play begins in Sydney in 1894 where we meet siblings Vera and Ida Templeton, their lawyer Mr Andrew (Banjo) Paterson and the charming Horrie. From here we follow the Templeton family tree through the First and Second World Wars and onto Vietnam. Sydney, Queensland & outback NSW also feature with clever locations changes made with the turn of a street sign or the addition of a piece of rope or bed linen. Continue reading The Matilda Waltz


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Dimity Raftos as Queen Elizabeth enjoying a moment with her court favourite Roberto Zenco the Earl of Leicester

Factory Space Theatre Company’s production of AN UNEXPECTED EXECUTION by Emma Wills is a powerful & dramatic presentation of the last part of the life of Mary Stuart and the political dealings of the English court under Queen Elizabeth.

This adaptation is based on the play MARY STUART by the great German playwright Fredriech Schiller. The evocative language, uniformly strong acting and inventive set bring to life what could have become a dry history lesson. As the writing, lyrical in parts, bitter in others, gradually reveals the historical aspects of the story, the drama and tension build, particularly during the second half, to its deadly conclusion.




“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” – Jane Austen.

There is a fresh revival of Jane Austen’s 1813 novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, as adapted by Deb Mulhall, currently playing at the Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly.

Experience the magic of following the machinations of Mr and Mrs Bennet’s (Ross Scott and Jennnie Dibley) five unmarried daughters (with Rhianne Evelyn-Ross, Orlena Steele-Prior, AmyLea Griffin)  as the women are besotted by the two rich, eligible but status-conscious friends, Mr Bingley (Daniel Csutkai) and Mr Darcy (Andrew Steel).

The characters succumb in many ways to pride and prejudice.   Fourteen actors vividly create the experience of living in 19th century England, detailing the pride which would keep lovers apart, simply because of all the prejudices of the upper classes.

The director of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE successfully found wonderful Sydney-based actors, able to bring each of Jane Austen’s characters alive with charm, charisma, and wit.

The play does focus on class and money, and includes all of Jane Austen’s wry, incisive humour. This superlative and deeply satisfying adaptation, comically exaggerates the characters of Mrs. Bennet, Miss Bingley and Mr. Collins, and with Mrs. Bennet on the verge of hysteria.

Especially memorable is James Belfrage’s portrayal of the obsequious Mr. Collins.

Orlena Steele-Prior stunningly portrays Lizzie, showing her to be thoughtful, witty, ironic, passionate and tender.

Andrew Steel as Darcy has perfectly captured all at once, the complexity of the character, showing his aristocratic refinedness, his shyness and sense of decorum, his disdain, and his underlying passions.

Highly recommended, the Factory Space Theatre Independent Company’s production of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE plays at The Star of the Sea Theatre, Junction of Collingwood and Iluka Streets, Manly, NSW, until Saturday 27th July 2013.



A short play fest at the Star Of The Sea

‘Like a box of chocolates some are sweet, some bitter and tantalising, some childhood favorites, and some are totally unexpected’.

SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE is a very cleverly constructed collage of seven connected short plays about our very human vices.

Each character lives and dies, caught within episodes of their life journeys, at different ages and times, with the actors in multiple roles.