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Yalin Ozucelik and Ava Torch. Pic Peter Greig
Yalin Ozucelik and Ava Torch. Pic Peter Greig

Vivienne Walshe’s play THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE, the winner of the 2012 Griffin Award, tells  an old story in a new way.

Two teenagers who go to the same school, Chris (Yalin Ozucelik) and Chloe (Ava Torch), come from very opposite sides of the track.  Chris comes from a middle class family… Chloe is working class….Chris has been tutored in classic poetry, Chloe can’t read…High brow versus low brow….

They befriend each other…form a bond..become close.. they relate and communicate with each other in their own unique, poetic language…and yet it isn’t enough…

This is a night at the theatre that draws one in but leaves one, in the end, feeling unsatisfied. The play’s beginning is difficult, the audience is not orientated and is thrown right in the middle of the action, trying to second guess what’s happening. The tale is told in a too cerebral way which sees the emotional punch- even knockout- that is at the heart of this tale not coming through.

The performances by Ozucelik and Torch are great- both convincingly play a wide range of characters.

There’s a touching, special play within.  With more work, the potential in THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE could yet be realised.

A Griffin Independent and Just Visiting production, THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE opened at the SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross on Friday 21 June and runs until Saturday 13 July, 2013.







DARE TO WIN- Ron Desiatnik


Lawyer Ron Desiatnik has given himself a break from editing legal textbooks that are referenced in courts around Australia with his first foray into fiction writing, something much lighter, a children’s story, DARE TO WIN.

It wouldn’t be a boy’s adventure story if the narrative  didn’t start in a cave. Tom and Ken are young, energetic kids, one ten and the other nine, who are determined to join the school’s social club. To become members of the club, the club’s committee has determined that they have to complete a difficult dare.

Within a few kilometres of the school, there is a low-lying range of hills. In the middle of these hills there is a huge cavern with tunnels running everyone within it. Kids are usually warned off playing within the caves.

The Committee’s dare is for the two young boys to enter the caves, take 50 steps inside one of the tunnels, and then reappear with something from inside. Committee members are on site to ensure that the dare is properly carried out.

One bright Saturday morning the two boys venture in. As scary as it was, the boys were going ok, had completed their fifty steps and were starting to head back when Tom, breaking his fall, leaned against a rock. The huge rock started to grow bigger and then four spider like legs appeared from nowhere and this ‘thing’ begins to move towards him.

It is then that their great adventure truly begins. Committee member Mark Bradley, two grades higher than the boys in school, can’t quite believe his eyes when from his vantage point, at the cave’s entrance, he sees his two friends being grabbed by a hairy stone monster and, with a flash of lightning and some ominous sound effects, they are whisked off into the ether.

Yes, Desiatnik charts quite a journey for his two young heroes, including a trip to a strange new planet called Merdia.

The writer originally wrote DARE TO WIN as bedtime reading for his two grandchildren, Alex and Jamie. In his preface, he tells how he read them a new chapter each week and was so pleased with their response that he was then inspired to seek a wider audience and look for a publisher.

Zeus Publications were delighted to accept his manuscript and DARE TO WIN was first published in late 2012. This charming and entertaining boys’ adventure story, with plenty of fantasy thrown in the mix, is available at all leading bookstores and online at Amazon.com- Zeus-publications.com.



Katoomba To Have Its First Professional Theatre Company

katoombaThe Blue Mountains town of Katoomba, one of Australia’s most well known tourist destinations- with an estimated four million visitors per year, is set to have its first ever professional theatre company.

Even more exciting is that the first production by the new theatre company- going by the name the Katoomba Theatre Company (KTC) is due to take place in the first quarter of next year.

Over coffee at the well known Katoomba cafe THE ELEPHANT BEAN, Larry Buttrose, one of the KTC’s founding members, filled me on the background.

Together with his partner Belle, they spotted an opportunity when it was revealed that the library would be moved into the new Katoomba Cultural Centre in November, 2012.

Council had plans to turn the old library space into a community hall. The Buttroses had other ideas, and began lobbying the Council for it to covert the space into a contemporary theatre venue.

As Belle said: “A theatre can be a hall, but a hall can’t be a theatre.”

The community campaign that began in April last year generated substantial local support, and the fledgling Katoomba Theatre Company soon gained three high profile patrons – director Bruce Beresford, actor Jack Thompson – and Larry’s very famous cousin, Ita Buttrose, this year’s Australian of the Year.

The Katoomba Theatre Company was officially formed in mid 2012with an impressive group of founding committee members – the Buttroses, Chris Gabardi, Georgia Adamson, Andrew McDonell, Joanne Samuel, Tiriel Mora, Beth Champion, Adam Quinn and Louise O’Halloran.

The Blue Mountains Mayor, Clr Daniel Myles, was very supportive, and in late 2012 the Council agreed to conversion of the old library space into a theatre. It is expected to open in early 2014.

Council has set aside a budget of $750,000 for the conversion including a figure of $250, 000 for the fit-out for the new theatre. Work is due to begin next month.

It is envisaged that when the theatre is complete, it will be a 200 seater with tiered seating and full lighting, sound and other facilities.

The Company anticipates that for its first season it will put on two new Australian plays, and one classic. From this foundation there are many plans and ideas:

‘We are giving close consideration to a number of new Australian plays for our opening season, including one for children.

‘We also plan to produce “Katoomba Follies” – a historical, vaudeville-style, variety show. Something that would attract the interest of the many tourists that come through Katoomba. We are looking at putting on the show at lunchtimes, for foreign tourists and day-trippers up from the city’, Buttrose said.

‘Another idea is to run a weekly, early Friday evening performance of Noel Coward’s PRIVATE LIVES. It is a perfect fit for the Carrington Hotel, one of our main sponsors (along with iconic Australian community bank, BENDIGO BANK). Perhaps we will be able to offer a package, a performance of PRIVATE LIVES together with accommodation and dinner at the Carrington’.

The Committee is also keen to set up its own Youth Theatre program, headed by leading actor, director and theatre educator Helmut Bakaitis – a local resident. As part of this, the Company has been holding talks with Katoomba High School, to involve its students, and discussing with the Council the possibility of having an untenanted retail site in the Civic Plaza as a “pop-up” for the program.

The Company has maintained a high local profile this year. A popular season of eight readings of new Australian plays has been held so far at the Library in the Carrington. The most recent, a standing-room only reading of Buttrose’s comedy “As Could Be” featured leading Australian actors Helen Thomson and William Zappa, and KTC’s Georgia Adamson and Chris Gabardi.

Buttrose says that the Company will also march in the Blue Mountains’ largest annual community event, Katoomba’s Winter Magic Festival, on 22 June.

Fundraising projects are an integral part of any burgeoning theatre company, and KTC has a major event coming up. Ita Buttrose will be guest of honour at a gala fundraising dinner in the Grand Dining Room at the Carrington Hotel on Friday 2 August. There will be an auction that will include an autographed copy of the original Cleo centrefold featuring Jack Thomson. The copy will be signed by the actor, along with the signature of its publisher, Ita Buttrose.

This emergence of an ambitious and determined new professional theatre company in Katoomba fits well with the ongoing cultural renaissance of the Blue Mountains, known as the ‘City of the Arts’, with more and more creative artists leaving the fast paced city life for the more artistically conducive Mountains life.

For more information, visit the KTC website:http://www.katoombatheatrecompany.com.au

© David Kary
10th May, 2013