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Being Norwegian @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Katy Curtain as Lisa
Inset pic- Actress Katy Curtain. Featured pic- David Woodland as Sean and Katy Curtain as Lisa in ‘Being Norwegian . Pic by Pollyanna Nowicki

Why haul yourself out in the middle of Winter for a 9.30pm show that only runs 30 minutes? Because it’s fun! That why. You’ve done sillier things for entertainment so make a night of it and head to Brevity Theatre Company’s current production, BEING NORWEGIAN, at the Old  Fitzroy theatre.

In this late night offering, security guard Sean finds himself alone with the young and vibrant Lisa in his new, as yet unpacked , flat. He is unsure, twitchy and nervous and she is flighty, sexually aggressive and …well… Norwegian. Perhaps he is latently Norwegian too. I certainly felt distinctly Nordic by the time I left the theatre. Continue reading Being Norwegian @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre