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Pamela always wanted to be a performer. She wanted ballet lessons when she was six years old but her mother, a former model, disdainfully rejected that idea. Ballet dancers get fat legs. She eventually found her people by a fairly meandering path and became a performer, and in Naughty, Pamela tells the story of the some of highs and lows of her show business life. The joys and sorrows are linked by a selection of songs that lend insight into her remarkable life. Her voice is well suited to the show tunes that make up a considerable part of this show.

Pamela has been inspired by Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Matilda’s strength and intelligence and her ability to reject negativity are some of Matilda’s inspiring characteristics. Pamela sees Matilda’s willingness to take risks as a creed to live your life by. After opening with It’s Possible (In McElligot’s Pool) by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty from the musical Seussical she jumps into Tim Minchin’s Naughty, from Matilda The Musical. These lyrics from Naughty give us significant insight into Pamela’s life. She set out to climb the hill to show business, ran into various difficulties and in the end decided you have to take risks and make your own way. Continue reading PAMELA SHAW PRESENTS : NAUGHTY…WITH A BAND

Ladies in Lavender @ Q Theatre Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

Ladies 2
Inset pic-Benjamin Hoetjes, Daniel Mitchell, Gael Ballantyne, Penny Cook and Sharon Flanagan. Featured pic- Sharon Flanagan and Benjamin Hoetjes. Production pics by Clare Hawley

LADIES IN LAVENDER featuring the very popular Penny Cook is a sweet, charming and humorous play that has a subtly dark undercurrent of racism, snobbery, delusion and sibling rivalry which adds a layer of complexity and richness to the performance without being overwhelming.

Two old ladies are listening to Thomas Beecham conducting a Rimsky-Korsakov concert on the radio while they wind a skein of wool into balls. They have a confused conversation about Hussars and Cossacks. Continue reading Ladies in Lavender @ Q Theatre Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

The Dapto Chaser @ The SBW Stables Theatre

Inset pic- Richard Sydenham plays Cess Sinclair. Featured pic- Son and father- Jamie Oxenbould as Jimmy Sinclair and Danny Adcock as Errol Sinclair in Mary Rachel Brown’s THE DAPTO CHASER. Production photographs by (c) Robert Catto.

And they’re racing…

The sport of racing is such an indelible, iconic part of Australian culture. There are few things more archetypal Aussie male than a guy punting on the races- sitting in the living room, going through the racing guide, the radio on , a bottle of VB close by….

It’s a good life when you are good at picking winners. It’s not so great when you  blow a lot of your cash and leave the family short…. Continue reading The Dapto Chaser @ The SBW Stables Theatre

This Boy’s In Love @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Talented performer Adriano ADO Cappelletta performing at the Old Fitz

THIS BOY’S IN LOVE is about a boy looking for and possibility, finding, love.  That’s it.  No boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy. Just … meet, struggle a bit, settle a bit and a kinda, sorta happy ending.  If that really was it, the show would be a funny, charming and entertaining 75 minutes in the theatre. Which it kinda, sorta is.

However.  What happens in this multi layered show, written and performed by Adriano Cappelleta and directed by Johann Walraven, is more than the gay rom-com it aspires to be. It is a well-crafted theatrical rendering of the almost impossible task of accepting or giving love.  Whether you are a boy, a girl or a small fluffy animal! Continue reading This Boy’s In Love @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre