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Noni Hazlehurst in MOTHER. Photo above : Brett Boardman.

A half lit, twilight world of smoke, seagull squawk, dried leaves and garbage bags, the audience is bidden to a modern day midden by set designer Kat Chan. This is the habitat of Christie, a woman top of the heap in the garbage tip of human refuse.

Destitute, disenfranchised, derelict, Christie is made “feel like a criminal” because of her poverty and homelessness. Vulnerable and vilified, she is a victim, somewhat of her own making, but ignominiously ignored by the system and the community at large.
For most, the word ‘mother’ conjures comfort and affection, but in Daniel Keene’s play, MOTHER, the character, Christie, conjures discomfit and affliction. Continue reading MOTHER: THE PRIDE STRIPPED BARE.