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The Dapto Chaser @ The SBW Stables Theatre

Inset pic- Richard Sydenham plays Cess Sinclair. Featured pic- Son and father- Jamie Oxenbould as Jimmy Sinclair and Danny Adcock as Errol Sinclair in Mary Rachel Brown’s THE DAPTO CHASER. Production photographs by (c) Robert Catto.

And they’re racing…

The sport of racing is such an indelible, iconic part of Australian culture. There are few things more archetypal¬†Aussie male than a guy punting on the races- sitting in the living room, going through the racing guide, the radio on , a bottle of VB close by….

It’s a good life when you are good at picking winners. It’s not so great when you ¬†blow a lot of your cash and leave the family short…. Continue reading The Dapto Chaser @ The SBW Stables Theatre

Orphans @ The Old Fitz

Production photography by Rupert Reid

It is interesting to note that two of our best independent theatre venues are currently presenting plays from the early 1980s.

Eternity Playhouse is showcasing the Ira Levin sluether DEATHTRAP and The Old Fitzroy has resurrected ORPHANS by Lyle Kessler.

Where DEATHTRAP is urbane, ORPHANS is urban, a gritty, visceral, muscular male tale, about sibling jetsam (father absconded, mother deceased) who exist in a shabby shoebox apartment. Continue reading Orphans @ The Old Fitz