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Both artist’s works are a feast for the eyes in the current exciting exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries .

Will Maguire’s exhibition is called Porous and Quivering.

This waa a most exciting exhibition of various sculptures made of wood and steel. The materials are lovingly crafted and the ‘line’ of the sculptures and the texture of the material is at times featured.In Maguire’s exhibition the first part of the his exhibition is of pieces that have an emphatic Presence , with a dynamic arrangement at times swooping and curved , or straining vertically. Some have a soring feel, others more a heavy weightiness . The texture and weight of the wood is used to great effect.

Most of Maquire’s work displayed though is the steel ‘ domes’ in various forms .At times they look like insects , with their extra long , fragile ‘legs’ . They are presented on plinths , some singular , others double or multiples. They vibrantly stretch , bend and grow.

Dome Influence Struggles has two domes strenuously pushing against each other – you can feel the energy.

Will Maguire ‘Dome Composition’
Will Maguire ‘Dome Influence Struggles’


Unsteady Standing Dome has a long curved ‘ trunk’ like an elephant.

Then we come to Hover Domes 1-7 – a fierce line up of what could be described as helmets , with wooden supports.

Press Form Moving Along the Flat snakes horizontally .

Next are Timber Form Study 1-8 where the glorious texture of the wood is utilised in various shapes , sizes and thickness , with a slightly leaning form and ‘line’ , again set on plinths and using steel supports.

Last is a seemingly fragile delicate series of plywood and 1000 degree iron #1-4 ,photographed/displayed on a background of white cloth. They look like they could possibly be either feathers or inky brushstrokes.

Danielle McManus exhibition is called CAPTURED MOMENTS

Danielle McManus ‘Colourful Imagaination’

Danielle McManus’ exhibition CAPTURED MOMENTS is charming and delightful, striking ,bright bold and colourful and celebrates Australian flora and fauna and birds.

We are asked to imagine what the person in the painting is thinking/dreaming about.

Alone With her Memories depicts a nurse in a red cape , sitting alone on a large sofa with a troubled look, in a field of poppies. It is presumably World War 1 and she has lost her husband/fiancé/partner (?)but it could apply to any of the wars since then.

In Colourful Imagination we see a young girl , head tilted to one side and eyes closed , surrounded by a circular composition of birds , wheeling with wings open, two of which are in her arms/hands.

Boundless has a vertical , triangular composition with a young person wearing an old fashioned aviator helmet with a magpie perched on top against a cloudy pale blue sky.

Then comes Party of Four with a young girl in a glittering black ‘ crown’ and three different sorts of cockatoos .The jar on the table with a sparse floral arrangement is also important.

Protector is a plea for preservation of the environment and splendidly combines many textures – The girl ( in a black and white striped outfit) wears a flannel flower cap , holds a sleek platypus in her arms and has birds perched on her. There is also the various textures of the backdrop of the landscape.

Danielle McManus ‘Protector’


Immense and Sweet Eaters are two delicate graphite drawings .In Immense , there is a landscape with a butterfly , which takes up the bottom third of the composition and has contrasting textures. The young girl wears a close fitting cap of flannel flowers, noticed by an interested bee.

Sweet Eaters has a girl in an old fashioned Victorian like blouse , with upswept hair , a crown of flowers and nestling birds. She also holds a sprig of the flowers in her hand and there is another bird.

Stop to Smell The Flowers is bright, bold and questioning , looking directly at the viewer.The young , somewhat sad, person wears a bubbling floral hairdo of yellow flowers and a bird nestles on top.

Pearl Buttons depicts a young woman in profile wearing a Victorian style lace blouse – the buttons are at the back of the blouse .Her hair is upswept and we see a bird peeking out.

Peace Offering is a dynamic ,cheeky portrait of a colourful parrot holding a dandelion in its beak. The flat texture of its red body is contrasted with the cloak of its wings.

In Hopes and Dreams we see a young boy on a large chair in the middle of a field of poppies, wearing heavy boots and the old fashioned aviator helmet. He holds a dandelion and is surrounded by a fox and parrots Wistful daydreaming ?

The Little Prince is a gorgeous portrait of a young boy, looking down with a slight smile and sweeping eyelashes,, wearing a glittery black paper crown.

Pink and Grey is a cheeky ,confident portrait of a galah in profile.
Rose seems rather glum. Quite freckled, she wears the yellow flower cap and is looking upwards staring at a bee.

The Comfy Chair is a portrait of a magpie on a bottlebrush(which looks like it could have bouncy springs ).There is wonderful contrast between the flower and the sleek bird.

Blossom is a beautiful portrait of a possum curled in flowers.

Gaze shows a young woman in profile with a small sprig of flowers in her hair.

Fancy is a vibrant portrait in profile of a squawking cockatoo.

Nightwatchman is a front on haunting portrait of an owl , with its intense gaze .The face is almost divided in the middle and you can feel the downy textures.

For the Love of May is a beautiful, quite theatrical poster like pale young woman wearing a floral cap and there is a radiating backdrop of petals .

Using a diagonal composition, in Delicate we see a young woman in profile in the lace blouse with a headdress of flannelflowers.
Amongst the Leaves catches a scurrying numbat posing upright for a moment holding flowers amongst the leaves and neutral brownish tones .

The exhibition runs at Traffic Jam Galleries 5-26 April 2022

Traffic Jam Galleries Home


Danielle McManus ‘Brave 11’ 100cm X 100cm Acrylic on canvas $3,200

This is a brightly coloured, bold and exciting exhibition by two artists familiar to Traffic Jam Galleries visitors, Megan Barrass and Danielle McManus. The current exhibition is called ALL AUSTRALIAN.

Barrass’ distinctive floral works are vivid and colourful, while she also captures everyday Sydney scenes pre Covid.

Barrass grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and now lives in Port Stephens. Her works capture Sydney life but also explore the bushland around her home on the north coast.

‘Morning Collection 1’ is a riotously explosively colourful depiction of huge bouquets of native flowers Barrass collected on her morning walk, presented in a square vase. Continue reading TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES : MEGAN BARRASS AND DANIELLE MCMANUS: ALL AUSTRALIAN


The current exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries focuses on portraiture and the body. Five artists from across Australia are featured who have not exhibited together previously . The divergent works are occasionally challenging, playful, nurturing and at times melancholic and whimsical.

The subject of the works vary from identifiable, enigmatic and iconographic through to evocative. We are invited to consider conversations surrounding the body, our relationships with other people and the art of portraiture and the figure.

Anthony Breslin

Anthony Breslin’s use of mixed media includes items such as toothpaste, jigsaw pieces, paint tubes, pencil sharpeners , paint tin lids and paint brushes , swirling paint often combined with paper and cardboard in collage like three dimensional results.There is a particular style Breslin frequently uses – a distinctive round face, huge eyes and long nose. His characters have an enormous boisterous Presence,  at times perhaps somewhat bizarre . Continue reading TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES – TALKING HEADS

Traffic Jam Galleries : Danielle McManus Birds of a Feather


A charming, delightful exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries’ Neutral Bay site , with McManus’ works displaying her trademark huge eyes of the humans depicted and incredible attention to detail , revealing the artist’s love and concern for our native flora and fauna .
Some of the paintings are as follows:

The Princess and the Pea – an outback princess turning her head to look at us in a field of Sturt’s Desert Pea and a dry desert back ground .The stripes and spots of her dress contrast with the cushion she is sitting on .See how many birds and native animals you can see and look for the crown placed on her head by the birds.

The Gardener – a somewhat androgynous youth resting on a couch in the middle of a field of poppies – has several birds and also a frog .The dominant red of the poppies is balanced by the vivid colours of the birds and the turquoise watering can.
Three delicate graphite charcoal pastel and colour pencil works are included , ( Jewel, Halo and Pretty in Pink) .drawings of young ladies with huge eyes and a bird .They all stare directly at the viewer . In Pretty in Pink the model is wearing a huge pink waratah in her hair.Another work in this series is Round Robin , a young girl in an elegant dress and her hair up with several robins on her shoulders arms and in her hair .

In The Gathering we see a beautiful barefoot young lady in a pale pink dress with lacey jacket , waratah in her hair , and there is a swirling composition around her of banksia , waratah and flannel flowers and see how many birds you can observe as well as a spotted quoll and a wombat.

The King’s Banquet is an explosive riot of colour a somewhat melancholy lady in full Victorian dress at table , the feast overflowing .There are ornamentally embroidered chairs and hanging panels of Australian floral designs , a sumptuous feast of cakes and tea with waratah and flannel flowers .the king parrot is in the centre of the composition – can you spot the possum, pelican and galah among others ?

Lady of the Lake shows a blushing lady rising from the lake , discreetly covered by a cloud of waterlilies and attended by various birds and butterflies.

Two small rather Renaissance portrait in style works are Here Comes the Sun with a golden bird hanging upside down from a flower being observed by a young woman who turns to ask what we think of it and In All Her Finery – against a sunset sky a richly dressed young lady in a huge red turban headdress is shown with a cluster of birds.
The exhibition is glowing and vibrant and will delight not just ornithologists.


Danielle Mcmanus’ Birds of a Feather runs at Traffic Jam Galleries 18 October – 8 November 2019


The current vibrant exhibition at the Traffic Jam Galleries Neutral Bay gallery is entitled CONTEMPLATIVE WHIMSY and features works by Andrew Grassi Kelaher and Danielle McManus.

Andrew Grassi Kelaher ‘s delightful works are mostly land/seascapes. They are all fairly similar in style and composition but are enchanting. There is much made of the wonderful sky and clouds and the various changing colours. Grassi Kelaher sometimes uses spray paint for atmospheric effect especially in the skies. Sometimes the reflection in the water is an important part of the work.

There are often many bobbing small boats with colourful sails that lead the eye from the top to the bottom of the page. Rocks and trees with their distinctive textures are also heavily featured .In Harbour’s Edge the boat sails are darting like shark fins. In Weekend Sunshine emphasis is placed on the extra number of houses intruding into the environment. When it Rains it Pours and As the Rain Passes By feature glorious pink-to red- clouds. Cool Calm Cruising has a wonderful solitary Rosella parrot in flight.

Danielle McManus’ works for this exhibition include Scarlet Beauty an intricately detailed portrait of a waratah,  undulating with life. Milk and Honey is a striking depiction of a banksia, with curling grey stem, a magpie arrogantly yet glumly perched on top of it.

There are also some of her whimsically charming paintings of assorted people with her trademark use of huge eyes. Melody features a young accordion player in a grey dress with a white collar at night, a bird perched on her shoulder, another on the instrument.
Rapture depicts a young lady in 18th century dress, a bird at her waist, another in her hair. She appears to be listening to an old fashioned record player which has a cornucopia of native flowers, birds and butterflies exploding from it. Wild At Heart shows a young child with a fox ear headdress, looking like she is holding a book or symbolic doors to the heart, with butterflies perched on her shoulders, flowers– especially a large waratah -and birds .

I Wish I Could Fly Like You is a wistful portrait of a lonely young child up a tree wearing old fashioned pilot goggles and surrounded by birds.

A most exciting exhibition. The exhibition runs at the Neutral Bay branch of Traffic Jam Galleries until 10 December 2018.

Featured image- .Danielle McManus-‘Rapture’- 90-x-120cm-acrylic-and-mixed-media-on-canvas.




A most charming and delightful exhibition has just opened at Traffic Jam Galleries. Danielle McManus’ current exhibition is called NATURE’S WHIMSY. McManus is a member of the ‘stable’ of artists who regularly exhibit at Traffic Jam Galleries . This exhibition showcases her trademark style ,with the huge eyes of the human figures and incredible detail in depicting the flora and fauna in the various works , which include both paintings and a major selection of charcoal drawings. Continue reading NATURE’S WHIMSY – DANIELLE McMANUS AT TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES:

Traffic Jam Galleries : TJG Team Selection

Something for everyone with the current most exciting Traffic Jam Galleries exhibition which has just opened – a show curated from works selected by TJG team members Bianca, Jess, Rebecca and Somerset.

Running from the 5th – 26th of October, the exhibition features new works from artists including Andrew Grassi Kelaher, Claire Kirkup, Danielle McManus, Rebecca Pierce and Nigel Sense. I will concentrate mainly on the new works.

Andrew Grassi Kelaher’s works are rather surrealist, very striking, extremely controlled manicured landscapes with clouds and precisely placed trees, sheep, rocks and winding rolling roads.

Will Maguire ‘s spiky and Hugh McLachlan’s reflective, almost melting wonderful sculptures are included as are Carol Foster and Elizabeth Green’s marvellous paintings.

J Valenzula Didi is represented by three abstract, rigidly precisely placed paintings in a triptych work entitled Urban Symphony. It felt like there  were Geoffrey Smart references involved. The use of shadow and geometric line was wonderfully employed, and there was a hint of 3 dimensions in some of the two dimensional paintings.

Ember Fairbairn’s One More Flood was full of lines, dots and misty texture.

Rebecca Peirce’s explosive, colourful, thickly painted flower paintings leaped off the wall. A large, sensitive and passionate, possibly wistful  ‘Somerset Designated Driver’ portrait‘ was new as well as the bright, colourful Low Lying Cloud Over The Glass Mountains and a couple of works from her Simple Life series revealed her extensive range of styles and subjects.

Danielle McManus is represented by her latest adorable but enigmatic work Follow the White Rabbit– a young person in a white rabbit suit in a huge field of red poppies.

Nigel Sense’s ouevre is represented by some of his striking bold flower paintings , perhaps with a Margaret Preston influence?– there is a very strong use of line and colour and outline.

Mia Oatley is represented by two swirling seascapes, and a sleek intense portrait looming diagonally across the canvas ( Forest Woman) .

Both Jenny Green’s exciting sculptures and Elizabeth Green’ s seemingly delicate yet intense works are included.

Dean Reilly’s The Professional Polymath is a striking dreamlike Surrealist portrait of a suite wearing a head of flowers.

Edgar Schilter and Julie Hutchings both have a single work featured in this group show as does Katherine Wood.

The delicate, embroidered Nature Studies of Meredith Woolnough captivate and entrance. combining science and art.

The current TJG Team Selection exhibition runs at Traffic Jam Galleries until the 26th October 2017



Another way to escape the current seemingly endless scorching Sydney heatwave is to catch the delightful HARBOURING THE BEACH exhibition now showing at the Traffic Jam Galleries.

The exhibition features the works of Anakita Eskalante, Danielle McManus, Bruno Mota, Bronwen Newbury,  Rebecca Pierce and Sally West in a themed exhibition that embraces Summer, The Harbour,  beaches and positivity for this coming year. Don’t forget to check the gallery’s windows facing the street as they feature some of the works included.

Anakita Eskalante’s four works can perhaps be viewed as a group, perhaps companion pieces on the same theme. The texture of the huge rocks are vividly depicted and you can feel the dangerous sea crashing against them. In Walking Along the Edge (Bondi to Coogee) the sea appears to be in a happier mood but is it actually?!


Galleries- second

The current exhibition at the Traffic Jam Galleries is specifically about works on paper. Ten artists are featured, all with different work practices and approaches to their art.

The umbrella title of the exhibition is The Drawing Room and it features over forty works by various artists, including North Sydney Art Prize winner Edgar Schilter. The exhibition explores what it means to use paper as the particular medium of choice and the freedom of expression that this allows.

Jo Chew’s works are vivid and immediate, with an ominous, eerie feel. Chew favours strong cropped close up compositions often with birds as her subject. Continue reading TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES PRESENTS THE DRAWING ROOM EXHIBITION

Traffic Jam Galleries presents works by Danielle McManus and Bronwen Newbury

Inset- Bronwen Newbury- Harbour Yachts. Featured- Danielle McManus- Letting Go.
Inset- Bronwen Newbury- Harbour Yachts. Featured- Danielle McManus- Letting Go.

A charming exhibition has just opened at the Traffic Jam galleries featuring the works of Danielle McManus and Bronwen Newbury.

Danielle McManus’ style is haunting and distinctive. Born in Sydney, McManus interweaves elements of her Maltese heritage with experiences of everyday life. McManus is influenced by the work of artists such as Frida Kahlo, Margaret Woodward, Arthur Boyd and Seventeenth Century European manuscripts.

Continue reading Traffic Jam Galleries presents works by Danielle McManus and Bronwen Newbury