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How many NIDA graduates from 2017 does it take to put on a play?

In the case of THE DIVORCE PARTY, the answer is three.

Set in a dingy forecourt of a Chinese restaurant, four disparate people commingle whilst taking a break from the divorce party being celebrated inside the restaurant. Bashed and bleeding, Gene is the first to arrive, coming through a gap in the fence into the designated smoking area.

He is soon joined by Dora, entering from the more conventional way of the premises’ door. She is talkative and inquisitive, he is quiet and reticent. Their banter is kept at a canter by the gregarious, extroverted Dora, until the emergence of Frank, official photographer of the event.

We learn that Frank’s usual gig is official photographer of funerals, but that divorce is kind of like the death of a marriage, so his present assignment is not much of a departure from filming the dear departed. Continue reading THE DIVORCE PARTY: A MINI INVERTED DIMBOOLA?