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Celebrating twenty years of performances, Pinchgut Opera brings us another superb production directed by Mitchell Butel , gloriously sung and with a lush, exquisite performance by the Orchestra of the Antipodes led by Erin Helyard on chamber organ and harpsichord. The Orchestra was streamlined with Baroque harp intrepidly performed by Hannah Lane, Laura Vaughan on viola da gamba and lirone, and Simon Martyn-Ellis on theorbo. 

This production was filmed at the City Recital Hall in May 2021.

THE LOVES OF APOLLO AND DAFNE, his second opera, was written in 1640 by Francesco Cavalli with lyrics by Giovanni Francesco Busenello .Cavalli moved to Venice, Italy, when a schoolboy and was a pupil of Montiverdi .During the 17th century Cavalli was regarded as a major opera composer who wrote over 30 works,  but his music fell into obscurity in the 18th and 19th centuries until roughly the 1950’s.

This is the third Cavalli opera Pinchgut have presented (after Ormindo in 2009, and then Giasone in 2013). It is still rare to see performances of Cavalli’s operas today.

Under Butel’s direction this performance is presented as set right now, bright, colourful and energetic, with mobile phones, computers etc and giving the work a fascinating completely new ‘ twist’ and appearance making it very relevant to today. The designs by Jeremy Allen (set and costumes) and lighting by Damien Cooper are splendid. There are many doublings (even quadrupling) of roles by most of the cast in this fresh, vivid performance.  Continue reading PINCHGUT OPERA : THE LOVES OF APOLLO AND DAFNE


Dylan Cooper ‘Waiting at the Spa’

The just opened exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries consists of two greatly contrasting solo displays that are at the same time complementary .

Lynch-Memory’s works are all abstract with a strong horizontal ‘line’ in the compositions. Some works are vibrant and bold, leaping out at the viewer. Her other paintings in the exhibition feature a  calmer, more meditative approach. Her goal in her artworks is to create for the viewer works that enhance positive emotions and a constructive mind place .

‘Amplitude’ and ‘Balance’ are dominated by blue tones, resembling the sea .

‘Echo’ features vivid hot pinks with delicately textured lines, whilst ‘Momentum no. 1’ is blips of wavy lines in browns and purples.

‘Equalize’ is in rather neutral tones of olive green and light purples with delicate crinkled lines. Continue reading TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES APRIL EXHIBITION : GEMMA LYNCH-MEMORY AND DYLAN COOPER

Blue Wizard @ Belvoir Downstairs

Blue Wizard at Belvoir Downstairs as part of Mardi Gras 2015
There is a lot of skill evident in BLUE WIZARD, playing at Belvoir Downstairs at the moment. And it’s right there and up close in this intimate venue.

There are true moments of engagement. There is really accomplished puppetry from the beautiful and skilled, Nick Coyle who wears his heart and sexual orientation on his sleeve. There is a flashy but never excessive lighting design from Damien Cooper combined with a sound design that is subtler than the noise you consciously appreciate (Steve Toulmin). There is Belvoir Artistic Director Ralph Myers as Design Consultant ensuring a unified space and Belvoir Resident Director, Adena Jacobs, as Dramaturg influencing some very moving moments. Continue reading Blue Wizard @ Belvoir Downstairs