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1985 won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival this year and what an emotional, realistic and moving film it is.  Schedule a dinner after you see the film because there are discussions to be had, judgments to confront and, sadly, lost people and times to remember.  Shot with great heart and a political will to “connect with those who are still experiencing any type of discrimination or resistance in 2018” according to filmmaker, Yen Tan, 1985 deals with religion, coming out, truth to self and the early catastrophe of HIV.

We meet Adrian.  It’s 1985 and he is home for Christmas from New York.  Small town, Bible-Belt home.  Over the few days he is there, Adrian will have none of the conversations which would make for manipulatively dramatic watching.  Rather, much is unsaid.  Though, much is understood but little is spoken between he and his peacemaker Mom, head of family carapaced Dad and a little brother who needs a particular kind of reassurance from him. A tragedy has propelled him there and Adrian is a boy lost.  His reconnection with a close female friend, Carly, from his school days gives him some release from the fearful times in which he lives. Continue reading 1985. TIMES PAST RESONATE WITH CONTEMPORARY RELEVANCE