production photography: Christopher Starnawski/Omnes Photography.

An empty stage is never an empty stage to a theatrical mind.  It is a place of possibilities … for passion and for ideas.  CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne is played on such a stage.

Marianne, a radio physicist, meets Roland, a beekeeper, at a barbeque.  Over and over they meet as multiple universes split off from their first quest for the secret of immortality.  These two will intertwine as their various lives intersect in short bursts of scenes which drop in and out of the multiverse.  It’s a complex watch and an even more complex creation.

In the current iteration there is a gifted creative team at work behind the show.  Director Victor Kalka often works with cast members Alice Birbara and Henry Hulme and on this occasion has guided his cast to a very coherent interpretation of some very difficult writing.  He has given this production an usual take, inspired no doubt by his interrogation of the text.  Continue reading CONSTELLATIONS: INTRICATE AND MOVING