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DaydreamBelievers (1)

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The Daydream Believers choir, the brainchild of Barbara Beinart Pashut, is an Affiliate Choir with Creativity Australia, is  a wholly inclusive choir who welcome everybody – there are no auditions. Everybody is welcome! You just have to have a love of singing and of being part of a community.

Robert Teicher
Robert Teicher, current choir master

On Sunday 30 October the choir will celebrate its eighth anniversary concert at the COA at 2 pm. In the meantime the choir meets every Thursday evening between 5.30 pm and 7.00 pm at the Council of the Ageing (COA),  25 Rowe Street, Bondi Junction.  To en quire further about this wonderful choir you can contact Barbara on her mobile- 0413740692, by email- innersens4life@hotmail.com, or by logging on to :- http://daydreambelievers.greenash.net.au/?gallery_showmore=1#gallery-more






This House Is Mine @ The Eternity Playhouse

contessa treffone

“I remember therefore I am” is a strident refrain in Milk Crate Theatre’s magnificently life affirming THIS HOUSE IS MINE.

Memory makes us who we are and memory makes for story. Story telling is necessary to record and share memory, a depository of identity both of self and society.

Milk Crate Theatre works with an ensemble of artists who have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation and in THIS HOUSE IS MINE we are presented with a series of connected vignettes interspersed with verbatim video vox pops from the community of collaborators from which the narrative originated and evolved.

Seven actors take on characters that have suffered psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, dementia and domestic violence, or people who have perpetrated or been affected by domestic violence or mental illness. Continue reading This House Is Mine @ The Eternity Playhouse