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Brought to us by the team who produced Florence and the Uffizi Gallery and Caravaggio: The Soul and The Blood this is a journey through the life and times of Claude Monet ( 1840-1926) the obsessive Impressionist . An art-world disruptor at the turn of the 20th century whose obsession with capturing light and water broke all convention, Monet revolutionised Modern Art with his timeless masterpieces. His intention was to try and transfer onto canvas the “first, pure impression” of forms and objects as they appear to the eye as if they have never been seen before.

Monet was always trying to capture in paint Water,Light and Air. He lived most of his life near the River Seine . Like Turner and Constable ( for example) he painted in all kinds of weather. The term ‘ Impressionism ‘ comes from the title of his 1874 work Impression Sunrise included in the first of the independent exhibitions mounted by Monet and his colleagues as an alternative to the Paris Salon. In his famous gardens at Giverny (where he lived from 1883) he set himself the challenge to create the nature he wanted to paint, creating the striking way the garden was designed and the way the plants were organised in the garden, for example. Continue reading WATER LILLIES BY MONET – THE MAGIC OF WATER AND LIGHT

Exhibition on Screen -The Impressionists


This is a dazzling, gloriously photographed film documenting an amazing exhibtion jointly curated by three major international museums. It looks at the work of the major Impressionists (Monet, Manet ,Cezanne, Degas, Sisley, Renoir, Cassatt, Morisot et al). Who were they behind the public face of their works? What is the story behind their works?How and why exactly did they paint? What is the source of their enduring appeal? What inspired them? All these questions and more are answered in this stunning film.

Part of the broader ‘Exhibition on Screen’ series, THE IMPRESSIONISTS AND THE MAN WHO MADAE THEM is a hugely insightful documentary. The exhibition debuted in Paris’s Musée du Luxembourg last October, is finishing today at  London’s National Gallery and next moves on to the  Philadelphia Museum of Art between this June and September. Continue reading Exhibition on Screen -The Impressionists