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So, I looked up the etymology of the word “normal”. In classical Latin “made according to a carpenter’s square, from norma – rule, pattern”. “Conforming to common standards or established order.”

Meaning “heterosexual” by 1914.

Next was “prejudice”. “Despite, contempt. Injury and physical harm. Judicial examination before trial”.

Bearfoot Theatre’s latest two act full length production DO YOUR PARENTS KNOW YOU’RE STRAIGHT written and directed by Riley McLean, with assistant director Harry Liddiard, thematically addresses both these words.

Initially produced and presented by Eclectic Productions in May 2017, non-binary Riley has reworked the original script, coming at it from a post marriage equality debate that was raging at the time of the original production. Continue reading DO YOUR PARENTS KNOW YOU’RE STRAIGHT BY BAREFOOT THEATRE


Tom Rodgers and Savannah Geddes

Newcastle – it’s just up the road, folks – has a thriving theatre scene and every year new companies spring forth with youthful energy, vigour and exciting new works.

Bearfoot Theatre is a another new theatre company in association with Eclectic Productions that has a focus on producing original works. Riley McLean, creator of the CONDA nominated original play Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight? has written a new dark twist on the tale of Peter and the Lost Boys, featuring Tom Rodgers as Peter and Savannah Geddes as Wendy. Continue reading TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND: BEARFOOT THEATRE


Knock & Run Theatre are excited to announce their second major production GRACE by Craig Wright following on from their debut production Suicide Incorporated which won the CONDA award for Best Dramatic Production.

Wright’s play  is a tragicomedy that explores human assumptions about how God, goodness, faith and causality operate.

Steve and Sara have relocated to Sunrise, Florida to pursue an unbelievably wonderful business deal, but as the deal slowly unravels Sara finds herself increasingly drawn to their next-door neighbour, Sam, a badly-scarred victim of a recent car accident who wants nothing to do with her or her Bible-quoting husband. Continue reading KNOCK AND RUN THEATRE TO PRESENT ‘GRACE’ @ CIVIC PLAYHOUSE

Checklist for an Armed Robber – Stooged Theatre

Angie Diaz and Callan Purcell in Checklist for an Armed Robber - Stooged Theatre
Angie Diaz and Callan Purcell in  CHECKLIST FOR AN ARMED ROBBERY- Stooged Theatre

Terrorism – the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. This highly emotive noun evokes strong responses in our current political climate and Stooged Theatre’s production of Vanessa Bates CHECKLIST FOR AN ARMED ROBBER resonates with the passions and desperate thinking that hurtles individuals and groups into extreme acts of aggression. What does it take to motivate individuals and groups to perform acts of terror involving innocent and unwilling victims?

Set in October 2002, the script was inspired by newspaper stories: one, known as the Nord-Orst siege, where an Islamist Chechen group took over 800 theatre patrons at the Debrovka theatre in Moscow for 3 days, demanding Russian troops leave Chechnya and end the war. The other was an attempted robbery of a single young female shop assistant in a bookshop in Newcastle. Continue reading Checklist for an Armed Robber – Stooged Theatre



Whenever I see a show that involves the characters drinking alcohol I always want to join them and feel quite envious that they are having a grand ol’ time down there and I’m sitting and merely watching. It’s even worse when the set is a very fine rendition of a pub that is really the back room of Brendan’s family house on the family farm in Western Ireland, and is where a few locals meet to discuss their day.  The price of a pint and a whiskey is on the chalk board and when Jack, the local mechanic, opens the play by helping himself and putting the money in the till, I wanted to do the same. Whenever there was an offer of another round of a pint and a small one, I wanted to volunteer a shout.  Particularly when they had settled into an evening of storytelling and we were privy to it all.

Continue reading THE WEIR


Young people are apparently now fleeing Facebook in favour of Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, because “oldies” have taken over and hence it is no longer cool. The latest is rapidly replaced by the latest “latest” and it’s a struggle to keep up with the buzz, the word of mouth trends that tell us where to eat, travel, shop and  what to buy, read, and  wear and what social media we should use to promote our own self – image and “buzz”.

THE ANATOMY OF BUZZ, written by Carl Caulfield and produced by Stray Dogs Theatre Co is a contemporary comic tragedy based around the zeitgeist of image, promotion and selling.

Continue reading THE ANATOMY OF BUZZ