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Sydney Cinema Locations

THE FULL LIST 2022    – – –    SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE presents the complete list of all available Cinema Venues  within THE CITY OF SYDNEY area, and in the many SUBURBS OF SYDNEY including many of the small cinema screening room venues.  The many movie theatre locations, are where Australian and Hollywood Motion Picture Films are screened, and where many exhibitors also regularly screen World Movies:-  


Darling Harbour IMAX Cinema Sydney (YES still currently closed from September 2016 and remains closed during 2017-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022 for complete demolition and then re-construction (with full completion by Christmas 2019) – and via Covid-19 is now expected to be finally re-opening during the year 2023 – with the actual completion of the long-awaited new building with one brand new IMAX MOVIE THEATRE cinema screen) CITY OF SYDNEY area, located at 31 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW Tel: (02) 9281-3300 located on the waterfront in the heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbour. In 2023 offering the very latest IMAX Laser projection equipment, plus the very latest Twelve Channel Sound System superbly providing unparalleled sound and clarity. The brand new IMAX Cinema Sydney will be housed alongside the 25-storey brand new six star Whotel, (420-room and suite luxury hotel) including 20,000 square metres of new restaurants and new retail. The minimum size of an IMAX screen is 22 m × 16.1 m (72 ft × 53 ft), fortunately later in 2021 Sydney will again have the world’s largest IMAX screen which will again be eight storey high and measuring a huge 35.7 m x 29.7 m (117.1 ft x 97.4 ft) wonderfully delivering a vertigo inspiring experience, plus this brand new movie theatre, will still have the world’s largest cinema screen. ( Venue Seating Capacity = was 540 and will be 430 seats ) https://www.imax.com.au/

Sydney Event Cinemas     CITY OF SYDNEY  CBD, street level at 505-525 George Street, Sydney, NSW Tel: (02) 9273-7300  with seventeen screens including  Vmax Cinemas  and  Gold Class  Cinemas.  Gigantic  premium seating price is charged for the limited range of  popular 4DX Movies that are now being offered only in their Cinema Eight.  However Sydney is still waiting for a cinema venue offering  the currently limited range of popular ScreenX Movies.  – – –  4DX CINEMA  “SEAT PITCH” 165cm – seat width 47cm – seat deep 50cm – seat height 63cm – seat back height 77cm – seating has armrests 57cm by 8.5cm   – – –    all rows are raked – – –  (Venue Seating Capacity = *** )          https://www.eventcinemas.com.au/

Movie Times Website:   https://www.movietimes.com.au/



SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE 2022 presents the complete list of all available LIVE PERFORMANCE Theatre Venues and theatre companies in the CBD SYDNEY AUSTRALIA,  within THE CITY OF SYDNEY area as well as in the SUBURBS OF SYDNEY (THE FULL LIST) :-      


Living in New South Wales there is much to be proud of, particularly when it comes to the performing arts sector which includes eleven of Australia’s major performing arts organisations working in the fields of dance, theatre, opera, orchestra and chamber music. These organisations are internationally renowned and regularly perform outside Australia as well as in a number of regional arts venues. Each year more than 1.3 million people in New South Wales attend performances by major companies, with close to 450,000 students and children being engaged in educational activities in NSW.   – – – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  some Sydney Venues closed permanently during 2020 and 2021  – – – 





 Within Australia, there are 28 major performing arts companies, of which ten companies are located within New South Wales. These ten companies work across a range of art and cultural spectrums from opera, theatre and drama, music and dance and include:-

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra    (ABO)  

Australian Chamber Orchestra   (ACO)   

Bangarra Dance Theatre   (BDC)    

Bell Shakespeare Company

Belvoir Street Theatre

 Musica Viva Australia   (MVA)  

Opera Australia   (OA)   

Sydney Dance Company   (SDC)  

Sydney Symphony Orchestra   (SSO)

Sydney Theatre Company    (STC)   

It is estimated these ten companies alone, represent circa 40% of the private sector arts funding received through sponsorship and giving in New South Wales.



Celebrate live music again at Peach Black Gallery with their Spring Collective series on the weekend of October 16 – 18 2020. The events, curated by Cadencia Productions and supported by the City of Sydney, will host three stunning, intimate, and diverse concerts over the three days. You can see 11 musicians bring their unique style to the stage framed by the artwork of gallery owner Matteo Bernasconi in a COVID-safe environment.

Opening night, Friday October 16th, features the moody psychedelic folk-rock vocals of Lulu Ilanda. Lulu a rising songstress in the Sydney music scene, accompanied by spirited guitarist Victor Jesus, will perform her honest and emotive original pieces. Continue reading A WEEKEND OF LIVE MUSIC @ PEACH BLACK GALLERY CHIPPENDALE


Featured photo- Jess Arthur, STC Directing Associate and Kip Williams, STC Artistic Director

Last week, more than 100 teenagers from across Sydney had fun at the theatre, without a teacher in sight. A VIP experience with Sydney Theatre Company, especially designed for young Playwave members, saw 15-19 year olds treated to a Q&A with STC’s Artistic Director, Kip Williams, before a performance of The Resistible Rise of Arturo UI starring Hugo Weaving. It was the first of many unique Playwave Experiences planned as part of this Sydney-wide program to engage new young audiences for the arts.

Playwave, the new arts and entertainment platform for young people, is changing the way young people interact with Sydney’s culture by making the experience of theatre-going a friendly affair. According to Playwave’s Director of Young Audience Development, Valentina Corona:

“Playwave is about breaking down barriers to the arts for young people. In some cases those barriers are financial, which is why we provide discounted tickets to all our Playwave shows, but in many cases those barriers come from the young people themselves feeling like the arts isn’t a space where they feel welcome. For a lot of young people, the idea of going to a live performance that isn’t part of a school excursion is out of the question. Playwave is changing that.” Continue reading SYDNEY THEATRE COMPANY AND THE PLAYWAVE EXPERIENCE


Images by Ben Apfelbaum

For 13 years ART AND ABOUT has been a unique month long art fest for all Sydneysiders.  Now we can enjoy exciting outdoor work in odd places all year round.

City of Sydney will be supporting art in any corner of Sydney, at any time, including major projects, intimate exchanges, and thought-provoking exhibitions in unusual spaces throughout the city.

Images by Ben Apfelbaum

Our photographer, Ben Apfelbaum’s eye was taken by the recent installation on Observatory Hill.  For THE LAST RESORT  the rotunda was transformed by celebrated French-Albanian artist Anri Sala with a wonderful installation of sculpture and sound for the 33rd Kaldor Public Art Project.

Custom-built drums to give the listener a rhythmic, live response to a contemporary interpretation of a Mozart concerto. Set against the sights and sounds of the harbor below, the musical dialogue animates the relationship between sound, place, time and history.

To shape the intricate recorded soundscape for THE LAST RESORT, Sala has re-imagined Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major, a masterpiece of the European Enlightenment. Mozart’s score is upended, as if it were a message in a bottle carried from Europe across the ocean to Australia, affected by wind and waves.

Anri Sala’s works of film, sculpture and installation create poetic analogies that reflect on life and culture from different frames of experience. Past works have traversed European contexts, from his hometown, Tirana, Albania, to Germany and France where he has spent much of his adult life. His artworks often creatively pair image with sound, and explore the choreographic potential of musical instruments and their performers.

Images by Ben Apfelbaum

The project is presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects, a non-profit organisation that has created groundbreaking art projects in public spaces since 1969. It was co-commissioned with partners Esther Schipper (Berlin) and Marian Goodman Gallery (New York and Paris).

Next in ART AND ABOUT is Nick Cave: HEARD·SYD . An exuberant, surreal and explosive live performance on November 10th and 12th.

For more about ART AND ABOUT :


For more about THE LAST RESORT:





The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Workshop Party

Writing as much as I do , I am sometimes confused about superlatives .  Too much? Too little to make the point? Too literary ?  So with a little tear in my eye , I leaned over to the nice young man sitting next to me and asked what he was thinking.  What the hell was I thinking?  Anyone  who was there was , of course , fabulous . ( I include myself!) but I hit the height of fabulousness with my innocent enquiry.

We were at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Workshop Party to launch the program for 2017.  

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence ( the second oldest in a world wide network of the charity organisation ) had done a blessing which showed a surprising intimacy with the float making process.   ” May  the venue be filled with bitching in an artistic fashion and the noise of action.” They blessed the volunteers , the building, even the tools.  ” May your glue guns never run dry and may glitter never clog your screws.”  Ha!!! Continue reading 2017 SYDNEY GAY AND LESBIAN MARDI GRAS SEASON LAUNCH

Left Bauer Productions presents Harvey Milk: The Opera in Concert @ Sydney Town Hall

Tod Strike plays H nand the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir's production of Harvey Milk
Tod Strike plays H nand the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir’s production of Harvey Milk

In my experience, when you go to a Shakespeare with fellow Shakespeare lovers or a Chekhov with a Chekhov lover there is something that happens beyond shared engagement. Reverence is too trite a word, communal too overused, immersion too visceral. The word that springs to my mind is quietude. There’s stillness where understanding meets art. The 1995 New York Times review of the first performance of HARVEY MILK the Opera, noted the cheers of the audience. In Sydney’s Town Hall this evening there was no such reaction. Like the aforementioned classics, everyone in the hall knew the story and why it needs testament.

HARVEY MILK is a 3 act opera, music by Steward Wallace and lyrics by Michael Korie. The man of the title was a San Francisco hippy camera shop owner turned politician. On his third attempt, after a change in the laws to allow district elections, Milk became a San Francisco City-County Supervisor on January 9, 1978. This was a milestone for what was then the LGBT community. One of his fellow supervisors was Dan White. Continue reading Left Bauer Productions presents Harvey Milk: The Opera in Concert @ Sydney Town Hall

Pinchgut Opera Presents Bajazet @ The City Recital Hall

Emily Edmonds as Asteria and Hadleigh Adams as Bajazet in Pinchgut Opera's production of BAJAZET.
Emily Edmonds as Asteria and Hadleigh Adams as Bajazet in Pinchgut Opera’s production of BAJAZET.

The latest treasure to be given a southern hemisphere premiere by Pinchgut Opera is Vivaldi’s BAJAZET. Conductor Erin Helyard maintains momentum throughout this lengthy opera written in 1735 with his precise energy, and detailed gestures.

From a time before copyright and performing right laws, this pastiche, or ‘pasticcio’ opera has popular borrowed arias of the time inserted in between Vivaldi’s own music.

Pinchgut Opera’s accomplished early music cast embellish repeats in the large aria structures with fine ornamentation as they sing Giacomelli, Hasse, Broschi as well as Vivaldi’s music from previous works. Continue reading Pinchgut Opera Presents Bajazet @ The City Recital Hall