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The Carnival of Lost Souls

Dare to enter the dark and magical world of a 19th century circus as THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS arrives in Sydney after leaving a dizzying path of mystery and mayhem for audiences along the way.

 Nestled somewhere between the madness of a Tim Burton psychosis and the darkness of a David Lynch nightmare, THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS tells the tragic tale of unrequited love & loss set amongst the splendour of a Victorian-era circus.

Featuring some of Australia’s best physical entertainers, musicians & singers, this uniquely original “circus noir” spectacle delivers a twisted bent on the familiar Circus, Musical Theatre and Cabaret stage genres.  Backed by a highly emotive and original live music score by Platonic, audiences are taken on a brooding and mystical journey into the dark heart of a vintage circus fraternity where nothing is as it seems.

Written and produced by Graham Coupland, founder of Australia’s popular GANGSTER’S BALL,THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS is a lavish production that showcases a breathtaking mix of performances from world‐class acrobats, aerial artists, illusionists and carnival characters, all whilst telling a tale of desire and betrayal under the classic Big Top.

Combined with Victorian Gothic and Steampunk-inspired costuming and stage design, a magical world comes alive where the line between life and death, real and unreal, is truly blurred.

THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS will play at the Seymour Centre 16-18 November.  To be in the running to win one of 2 free double passes email your details to editor.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com using LOST SOULS COMP as the subject by 6pm Thursday November 2nd.  Only winners will be notified.

For details about THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS : https://www.carnivaloflostsouls.com/





The old timers, especially flyers, often talk about it. So do the trap catchers, slack and tight walkers even modern aerialists on silks and rings and Chinese poles. They will tell you about the people with terminal illnesses who seek them out after a show. Who thank them for confronting the unknown beyond, for staring mortality down. iD, from Canada’s Cirque Éloize as part of the Sydney Festival, is vibrant and exciting, thrilling and skilful. It’s fantastically entertaining fun but the finale is that rare moment when the physical gives way to the spiritual. When human beings are suspended for just that second of time between corporeal and divine. Continue reading CANADA’S CIRQUE ELOIZE PRESENTS ‘iD’ @ RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA

ABSINTHE under the Spiegeltent in Hyde Park

Banquine (Lost Souls) (Andrii Kalashynk, Bogdan Kalashynk, Dmytro Bilogubets, Oleksandr Orlov - Ukraine)
Banquine (Lost Souls) (Andrii Kalashynk, Bogdan Kalashynk, Dmytro Bilogubets, Oleksandr Orlov – Ukraine)

Circus is really hard work. Physically it’s all sore hands and knotted tension across the shoulders from neck and head at odd angles. Psychologically it’s that weird mix of adrenalin and enervation from the loud music and the constant pressure. Emotionally it’s the ever-present fear and danger intermingled with the possibility of frightening consequences. It is really hard work and I am just exhausted… too much clapping, too many ohs and ahhs, too much enjoyment. God knows how the performers feel!

ABSINTHE is a 90 minute workout for the viewer. It is a mixture of circus, vaudeville, tent shows and burlesque, held together by the gaudy, uncensored character of the Gazillionaire producer and his dimwit assistant Abby. The green drink is a running theme and the intermittent appearance of the Green Fairy (Australian Karla Tonkich) adds to the leitmotif. Skilled and funny as these characters are, and Tonkich has a lovely singing voice, the circus acts are the highlight. Continue reading ABSINTHE under the Spiegeltent in Hyde Park

Sydney Festival 2015 preview

January is a lazy languid time in Sydney, so it’s slightly unfair that the art lover’s idylls should be rudely interrupted – but in the best possible way – by the massive feast of cultural events that is the Sydney Festival.

Like a refreshing summer shower, some of the festival’s most appetising events are fleeting, lasting for only one or two nights; others, like a lingering heatwave, bask the greater Sydney region in their glow for weeks.

This year’s 179 events spread from the CBD to the Blue Mountains, 85 of them are free and there are almost 500 performances in total. Eight of them have exclamation marks in their title (one even has two!!) so expect some very exciting shows!

As always with the Sydney Festival, it’s best to get in early: by the time you hear about them they have may have vanished or sold out.

Continue reading Sydney Festival 2015 preview