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Production Images:Tracey Schramm

Director Rachel Chant‘s program notes gives only a slight indication of the challenge at the heart of the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP)  production playing at the SBW Stables Theatre.

Take 10 plays, each excellent in itself and create a production which at once entertains but also foregrounds the work of each of the 10 playwrights.  Gifted with a stunningly good ensemble of actors aged 16 – 22, Chant and the playwrights must have laboured mightily because CHRYSALIS is a seamless, entertaining watch. Continue reading CHRYSALIS: YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS EMERGE


Jes Vandrempt, Mark Inwood, Georgia Cooper All photographs by Prudence Upton

Type in ‘inspirational’.  Right click.  Pull down synonyms.  Stimulating Stirring Rousing Moving.  Well … that’s bullshit.  These artists exhibit no desire for that kind of spurious platitudinous response.  These are performers whose work has an urgency to be respected for their message, the artistry of their thematic expression and the craft with which it is created.

I have been to see CHRYSALIS.

It’s Midnight Feast Theatre Company and the cast combines the talents of professional actors with high support need individuals. And it’s a bloody revelation. Continue reading CHRYSALIS: MIDNIGHT FEAST THEATRE COMPANY