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production images: Grant Fraser

Genesian Theatre Company celebrates its 75th year with another entertaining night of theatre in A ROOM WITH A VIEW.  Giving modern audiences a chance to steep in period manners, mores and dialogue, the production also delights with a surprising number of comic moments plus a worthy heroine and a love match to bring gloved hands together for.  This E M Forster adaptation by Roger Parsley and Andy Graham nestles nicely into the venerable old building with a comforting immersion into a well-directed show.

Miss Lucy Honeychurch is on her first trip to Florence and her older cousin and chaperone, Miss Charlotte Bartlett, is rather taken aback when her loudly voiced concern about their pensione accommodations not having a view, attracts the attention of Mr Emerson Sr and his son George.  The men are also English and are offering to swap rooms with the women.  Views matter to women but not to men, opines the father.  The rest of the story will play out in a Florence populated with some other odd characters and then back home in the tiny village which is home to Lucy, her mother and infuriating younger brother, Freddy. Continue reading A ROOM WITH A VIEW – ANOTHER PLACE AND TIME BEAUTIFULLY EVOKED