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Go on , treat yourself , rake your friends and family , indulge your inner child with this marvellous show that is visually stunning and full of warmth, joy and delight.

Devised and performed by Acrobuffos from the USA – Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone – in collaboration with kinetic sculptor Daniel Wurtzel , AIRPLAY incorporates movement , silent comedy , acrobatics and mime as well as a dazzling display of balloons and other props as well as fabulous billowing material . Each has a hard wheelie travel case that contains assorted props.

Sydney Dance Company followers might perhaps be reminded of Graeme Murphy’s ‘Air’ and ‘Other Invisible Forces’, while theatre goers might perhaps think of the joyous sense of wonder and audience enchantment of Slava’s ‘Snow Show’ .

In AIRPLAY two friends or siblings (Bloom in red, with blue hair, Gelsone in yellow with purple hair) journey through an airy landscape where we see umbrellas and balloons have a mind of their own, confetti become a starry night sky and there is much use of rippling silk and what looks like clear plastic in a visual feat of aerial sculpture. Physical comedy , childish pranks and cunning competition are included as they quarrel , tease. separate,  experience loneliness and loss yet eventually reconcile .

The diverse soundtrack ranges from opera and other classical music pieces to rap, gypsy folk and choral pieces.

The balloons range in size from tiny to human size (yes really, the two performers clamber inside them at one point becoming totally absorbed) .There are umbrellas , a feather …

The audience interacts and participates , with Bloom and Gelsone clambering over rows , while various members of the audience at different points hold one of Gelsone’s shoes, or attempt to bounce and guide various balloons back to the stage as an example .At another point two people are chosen and end up on stage collecting balloons with butterfly nets .

Perfect Festival, or any other time, fare.

Running time roughly an hour no interval

AIRPLAY runs at the Roslyn Packer Theatre as part of the Sydney Festival 21-25 January 2020