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FOXTEL AUSTRALIA FOX8. For the last forty-six years SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has been presented on the USA free to air network NBC (National Broadcasting Company). NBC is a commercial broadcast television and radio network owned by Comcast. Every weekly episode has a running time of ninety minutes, including advertising/commercials. Each week, this equals approximately 68 minutes of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, plus the necessary 22 minutes of advertising/commercials.       Continue reading FOXTEL AUSTRALIA FOX8 – SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – SEASON 45 and 46 –

Top Five

Top Five- inset

Writer director Chris Rock’s third movie Top Five is a surprisingly honest semi-autobiographical look at celebrity culture. Like his stand up it is raw and energetic but a romantic thread grounds the story to deliver a clever, moving film.

Starring Chris Rock as washed up comedian Andre Allen and Rosario Dawson as New York Times journalist Chelsea Brown, Top Fiveis a medley of styles. Told over the course of one day, the film opens with Woody Allen-esque (whom Chris Rock is a vocal fan of) absurd dialogue, before descending into an arty story in which the two leads explore the city together much like Richard Linklater’sBefore series, while sometimes transitioning into an urban documentary. All the while the film itself is driven by Chris Rock’s hilarious vulgar script with many memorable laughs and a powerful hip hop soundtrack. Continue reading Top Five