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Chatswood Musical Society 65th Anniversary Concert @ The Zenith Theatre Chatswood

CMS Stars of tomorrow

This year marks Chatswood Musical Society’s 65th year of providing quality theatrical productions to Chatswood and the Lower North Shore. With the kind support of Willoughby City Council, we cordially invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone at our 65th Anniversary Concert.

Come and enjoy wonderful music performed by talented up & coming as well as veteran artists, showcasing repertoire spanning 6 decades of operetta, musical comedy & musical theatre. Re-discover classic musical gems and commemorate our history of providing a platform for young and ‘young at heart’ performers in our local community and beyond.

It’s not an anniversary without a party! So stay after the concert and join the cast for a celebration with some nibbles!

A one night only event – a unique opportunity to reconnect with great music and bear witness to future stars in the making – book early to avoid disappointment!

10 September 2016 5:00 pm at the Zenith theatre, corner MacIntosh and Railway street, Chatswood.

For more about Chatswood Musical Society 65th Anniversary Concert, visit http://www.chatswoodmusicals.org
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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Oliver Roach, Sophia Barnard and the Ensemble

There was a full house for the Sunday matinee of THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE by Chatswood Musical Society (CMS) and they absolutely loved the show. They laughed and sighed in all the right places and cheered and clapped the performers at the bows. That’s the thing about the supporters of amateur and pro-am theatre companies in Sydney, they are very loyal. There are lots of reasons why but top of the list is that everyone involved in putting on a show like this works really hard to earn and honour that support.

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FAME- The Musical

Chatswood Musical Society - FAME - PerfectImages Photography
High spirits prevail in FAME-The Musical. Pic Grant Leslie

The theme of FAME is of universal interest – how does a young person realise their full potential as they transition to adulthood? For cream of the crop theatrical students Carmen, Tyrone, Nick, Joe, Serena and Iris, their talent opens doors to a high school designed just for them.

But open doors are not enough! All of them have to negotiate life quite separately to their “talent”. The young cast of Chatswood Musical society splendidly sing and dance the trials and triumphs of the six main student characters and Ms Sherman their teacher.

This is a massive production from CMS, with close to 50 singers and dancers on stage. It is predominantly a great team performance; nevertheless some outstanding moments need particular acknowledgement. Jocelyn O’Brien’s rendition of These are My Children, in the role of Miss Sherman, is nothing short of spectacular.

Director James Wallis allows the cast to play for laughs when appropriate. For instance, Joe’s character played by Mike Curtin, swaggers onto the set of ‘Carmen’ with rose in mouth amid much laughter, only to lead us into one of the most beautifully choreographed scenes in the musical.

The highlight of the evening is the delivery of the signature song and dance number, Fame. A spectacle of colour, synchronised dance and great singing.

The set is believable and versatile, enhanced by creative lighting and the costumes are entirely appropriate.

Should you go and see this production? The answer is a resounding YES! For 2 hours your emotional switch will be tuned to feel good and for hours afterward you will still be tuned to the same frequency.

FAME- THE MUSICAL opened at the Gillian Moore Performing Arts Centre, Pymble Ladies College, Avon Road, Pymble last night and is playing nightly at 7.30pm until this Saturday October 5 as well as a 2pm matinee performance on the Saturday. Bookings www.chatswoodmusicals.org or call 1300662212.



Joseph, Jacob and sons

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s groovy Genesis musical can be a tricky chameleon making its way across the desert. It contains back to back changes in musical style. Directors are challenged to draw countless caricatures. There are also shifting inspirations for ensemble or solo movement.

These requirements are met and celebrated in the current Chatswood Musical Society production. An enjoyable, expressive telling of the biblical story about the dream interpreter Joseph, son of Jacob, bursts forth with technicolour success.

The orchestra is led through changing musical styles clearly. It provides a controlled accompaniment for the cast. There is a good balance between voices of all ages and the instruments.

A big Old Testament shout must go out to the inexhaustible, well-costumed adult ensemble. We see securely characterised brothers, wives, and palace attendants manage several styles of music and comedy with clear, well-trained delivery. The slick full-ensemble choreography has impressive unison moments.

The omnipresent role of Narrator by Kathy Xenos is incredibly engaging. She is a natural singer and storyteller. Nathan Stark’s focused vocals, dancing and presence as Joseph are a gift to this production. Stark’s fresh, modern interpretation of Close Every Door from his prison cell, and the depths of Neil Shotter’s innovative set illuminates all darkness anywhere.

The role of Pharaoh has a cool Graceland edge in the hands of Brian M Logan. Briana Scutts prowls above the pyramids as Mrs Potiphar with her evil eye fixed on the latest slave to arrive in Egypt.

For my biblical buck, the beret goes off to the brothers’ Those Canaan Days, a great moment of chanson triste, complete with a dance duo at its climax. The famous Benjamin Calypso was another fine creation from this ensemble, with Edwin Estanislao joyous as brother Judah.

Take the time to see this colourful and talented cast of all ages tell a bit of the Bible through the styles of pop, calypso, rock n roll, country and western and more. It could fill a larger venue, perhaps without the use of a less than contemporary curtain to pull back when negotiating full cast on stage.

JOSPEH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT opened at the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood on Friday 10th May and is playing until Saturday 18th May, 2013.