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HELLO AGAIN is a love and lust musical drama that follows the loose liaisons of ten characters in various decades of the twentieth century. This is a high quality production with an excellent orchestra, choreography that is especially delightful and a cast with many fine voices. My only quibble is that the fine orchestra sometimes drowns out the singers’ voices.

Hat Trick’s production captures wonderfully the various eras and locations depicted with beautifully rendered costumes, sets and lighting. The ten vignettes portray interesting scenarios of seduction, betrayal, longing and desire. Each scene focuses on a couple and one of them features in the subsequent scene, providing a thread of continuity and a meandering storyline. We meet people caught up in the First World War, the maiden voyage of The Titanic and the party scene of The Seventies. The little dramas offer observations about romance and relationships. Many of the characters are cruel and obnoxious, some are charming and enticing, and the writer has made some very funny observations about these players. Continue reading HELLO AGAIN @ THE FACTORY THEATRE