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THE ODD COUPLE @ King Street Theatre NEWTOWN


American playwright Neil Simon’s THE ODD COUPLE premiered on Broadway on the 10th March 1965 and ran for some 966 performances.

Neil Simon based the character of Felix on his older brother, Danny Simon, showing that a real person can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

The scenario sees the irresponsible lifestyle of “divorced, slovenly but casual”, sports-writer Oscar Madison take in “newly separated” television news-writer Felix Ungar.  Felix is continually depressed and intrusively obsessed with his ex. The real problem that causes the most tension is Felix’s over-the-top obsessive compulsive disorder, as he is so driven to constantly keep Oscar’s eight room apartment so clean, with constant house-keeping that makes it look like no-one lives there.            Continue reading THE ODD COUPLE @ King Street Theatre NEWTOWN