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American playwright Sarah Delappe takes us into the world of a teenage women’s soccer team, THE WOLVES. The play has generated plenty of interest, not surprising considering how popular women’s soccer is in Australia and of-course we have our own much loved national team, the Matildas.

THE WOLVES follows the team as they compete over a number of matches in an attempt to qualify for the Nationals (the main competition in America). The players take their sport seriously and are keen to be discovered by talent scouts who come to see them play. It may lead to a scholarship to a University which then gives gives them great career options.

Whilst it is a sports story, the focus is more personal as we  get to know each of the girls, and their issues. For example, there’s the goalkeeper suffering from high anxiety who isn’t able to open up to the group and spends a lot of time rushing to the toilet to throw up.. Continue reading THE WOLVES: FEMALE SOLIDARITY ON THE SOCCER FIELD


THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES in rehearsal.                                                                                                             Brett Boardman: photographer.

Winner of the Judges’ Award in the prestigious Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting (UK), Australian playwright Kendall Feaver’s THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES is  a profound and unflinching look at mental health and the medication of children and it is coming soon to Griffin Theatre.

The Guide had the chance to speak to one of the cast, Brenna Harding who plays Anna, a young woman has been medicated for a range of mood and behavioural disorders for as long as she can remember. Now Anna wants to know what life would be like without pills and prescriptions.

SAGThank you for taking time out of what must be a busy rehearsal schedule to speak to our readers.   Can I begin by getting an idea of what is the meaning and significance of the title?

BRENNA:  One of the benefits of having a wonderfully talented playwright is that things such as this title have many nuanced interpretations and I expect each audience member will take something different from it. Personally, I feel the juxtaposition of these two words speaks to the clash of Anna’s almighty spirit against the impossibility of ever fully understanding the effects her diagnosis and treatment have had on her. Continue reading THE ALMIGHTY SOMETIMES: AN INTERVIEW WITH BRENNA HARDING

April De Angelis’ Jumpy @ The Drama Theatre

Inset pic- Brenna Harding and Jane Turner. Featured pic- Pics by Brett Boardman

Fraught mother and daughter relationships have  been a rich source of material for scriptwriters for a very long time. Many will recall the multi-Academy Award winning Terms of Endearment featuring Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger.

Prominent British playwright April De Angelis dives into this very deep well with her play JUMPY. A hit when it was first performed on the West End in 2011,  the script is currently in the process of being developed into a mainstream television series.

Sydney theatregoers currently have the opportunity to  see this very clever play’s Australian premiere production at the Sydney Opera House. Continue reading April De Angelis’ Jumpy @ The Drama Theatre