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Brendan Kelly ‘No 27’
Brendan Kelly ‘Enough Is Enough’
Brendan Kelly ‘Equine Variation’

Brendan Kelly is the latest artist to be featured in a current pop- up exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries.

Kelly grew up in a typical Aussie suburban home during the 1970’s. He moved to Mullumbimby in the 1990’s and has performed as a stand-up comic and written children’s books. He has also worked as a graphic reproducer and a landscape artist. Kelly’s works are semi – abstract and reflect his thoughts about experiences and moments in his life, and examine how he regards himself as Australian.

His bold, vibrant, at times confronting works in this exhibition leap off the canvas and are often dominated by dark, rusty reds. They could perhaps be regarded as somewhat strange even disturbing at times.

In ‘Salamander Sally’ we see a woman’s breasts and face in the dynamic swooping curves of the circular composition.

‘Australian Dreamers’ is appears to ben at least partly a contemporary abstract re working of ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood,  depicting the ‘Great Australian Dream ‘ of Mum, Dad and child standing outside their house. Or is it a comment on how Covid and the economy has destroyed the dream? The figures are outlined in white, the faces each depicted as one huge eye with emphasised eyelashes. Continue reading TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES : BRENDAN KELLY