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HOW I MET MY MOTHER @ Star of the Sea Theatre MANLY



World Premiere of HOW I MET MY MOTHER, provides a unique and thought-provoking and entertaining night of live theatre. Top-drawer ensemble cast, includes many of my favourite actors, everyone providing memorable performances, as this tight-knit family, becomes more and more dysfunctional.

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This Factory Space Theatre Company production of Australian playwright Brenda Gottsche’s new play ALMOST NEARLY PARADISE was was expertly directed by long time director Roz Riley.

The night sees us take a journey with unexpected witty twists and turns. Much laughter is generated by the quick, wicked and entertaining dialogue with the highlight being some quite delicious one-liners. My favourite line was,  when one character says of another character, ‘he is unattached to the truth’.

The play starts off being about the inaugural meeting of a newly established book club with  four ladies gathered to discuss their first book.

Unexpected events occur as the first meeting starts with a raging storm with gale force winds taking place outside. The setting is a mythical island paradise on beautiful Pittwater.

Too much alcohol is consumed, hip hop rap ensues, and everyone has secrets worth spreading, and soon the night becomes a nightmare with dangerous revelations revealed by each woman.

Moreover, Ian Tompson, Australia’s 48th richest man, smashes his way into their ordinary suburban lives, late in the evening, with a large cash offer to the group that may just be too hard to refuse…

Will they keep money that has no strings attached? The auditorium and stage have been converted to provide an intimate theatre space, with an excellent well-chosen cast, and believable performances from all. Recommended.

Maree Cole as Ann Watson
Tara jay as Ellie Jordan
Melissa Kathryn Rose as Jenny Henly
Grace Naoum as Tiffany (Tiff) Sampson
Steven Menteith as Ian Tompson
Tadhg Scanlon as Sammie Henly

Friday 8th July 2016 to Saturday 23rd July 2016

Star of the Sea Theatre, at Stella Maris College, corner of Iluka Avenue and Collingwood Streets, Manly

Factory Space Theatre Company






ALMOST NEARLY PARADISE is the new play by Australian playwright Brenda Gottsche and is having its premiere season in the theatre space within the Exchange Hotel Balmain .

The play starts with a book club meeting with just four ladies, occurs during a raging storm, on a mythical island paradise in our beautiful Pittwater. Alcohol fueled, and everyone has secrets, the night becomes a nightmare with dangerous revelations revealed. Late in the evening, Australia’s 48th richest man, Ian Thomson, smashes his way into their suburban lives.  He makes them a strange and alluring offer, but they  have to be careful. Continue reading ALMOST NEARLY PARADISE @ EXCHANGE HOTEL BALMAIN


A short play fest at the Star Of The Sea

‘Like a box of chocolates some are sweet, some bitter and tantalising, some childhood favorites, and some are totally unexpected’.

SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE is a very cleverly constructed collage of seven connected short plays about our very human vices.

Each character lives and dies, caught within episodes of their life journeys, at different ages and times, with the actors in multiple roles.