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See VOX LUX in a cinema.  One with the best sound system you can find.  Beginning with a voice over a black screen, the stage is set for an audio treat of a film.  Not just the music but in a sudden hit of flocking wings which extends the mystery of the opening or in the superb rendering of mood, aspect, and point of view through mixing of the performance sequence at the end of the film.

After a horrifying and violent incident, 14 year old Celeste comes to national attention for her humility and sweet singing voice.  She will be adopted by the masses and co-opted by the music industry.  Some 18 years later, still with the same producer though both have changed, she is beloved by fans and betrayed by most of those around her.  Except the sister, Eleanor, who has stuck by her, and her legacy, through it all.  The next big concert looms but so does personal scandal and international concerns. Continue reading VOX LUX. STYLED AND STYLISH YET SURPRISINGLY NARRATIVE