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Blue Wizard @ Belvoir Downstairs

Blue Wizard at Belvoir Downstairs as part of Mardi Gras 2015
There is a lot of skill evident in BLUE WIZARD, playing at Belvoir Downstairs at the moment. And it’s right there and up close in this intimate venue.

There are true moments of engagement. There is really accomplished puppetry from the beautiful and skilled, Nick Coyle who wears his heart and sexual orientation on his sleeve. There is a flashy but never excessive lighting design from Damien Cooper combined with a sound design that is subtler than the noise you consciously appreciate (Steve Toulmin). There is Belvoir Artistic Director Ralph Myers as Design Consultant ensuring a unified space and Belvoir Resident Director, Adena Jacobs, as Dramaturg influencing some very moving moments. Continue reading Blue Wizard @ Belvoir Downstairs