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The stage illustrate as a gay living in the island is same as in the closet.

Politics was on my mind as I attended Old 505 Theatre who are hosting the Archie Rose Touring Hub of the Sydney Fringe.  A production from Taiwan about the LGBT experience? Has to be political! That’s probably why I approached a lovely Taiwanese man and woman and, politely I hope, hit them with twenty questions.  What was the main religion I started off with, what laws impact on the community, what are the prevailing attitudes to queer people?  It went on like this for a while as I info-mined this very generous couple.

After a thoroughly engaging chat, I felt armed with a smidgen of non-wikipedia understanding with which to view BLUE ISLAND 99, my preconceptions about the manner of the production ripe for confrontation.  This is not an angry show, nor is it over-charged with Realpolitik, nor is it didactically political.  Instead the viewer is treated to a lyrical and conceptual work, created with stimulating and well-crafted multimedia and presented with skill and joy. Continue reading BLUE ISLAND 99: UNMISSABLE CONCEPTUAL THEATRE


The stage illustrates a gay living on the island is same as in the closet.

BLUE ISLAND 99 is a Solo performance of contemporary, exciting multi-media, poetry composed. Giving a unique insight into Asian LGBT life.

For LGBT people born in Taiwan after 1990, face both a complicated political past and future. Do they accept society’s status quo, or abandon what they must accept in the pursuit of true identity.

All isolated together, coming out and sailing out to a future with uncertainty in a changing modern world.

The multi media dimensions of footage, colour, soundtrack, language, dance, singing are an unrivaled blend of elegance. We haven’t seen gay culture like this in our stages before!”
-International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

“ With the show’s creators stressing the complicated problems of being out in a country with both a complicated political past and an uncertain future, this gives us a unique insight into Asian LGBT+ life. ”
-GCN (Gay Community News Review)

BLUE ISLAND 99 [Vimeo] will play at Archie Rose Touring Hub – Old 505 Theatre 5 Eliza Street, Newtown 18-22 September.