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ME AND MY MOTHER, SINGING by Oleg Pupovac.                                                                                   Photography: Roman Wolczak

Oleg Pupovac’s ME AND MY MOTHER, SINGING is a bit like sitting down with someone over a glass of wine, having a warm chat and listening to how their life was shaped by a war in their country, their experiences as a foreigner in various countries and their observations about art, basketball, terrorism, theatre and family. If your friend is like Oleg and has had has an interesting life and is a good storyteller it can be an enriching experience. Oleg has some paintings projected onto the wall and recordings of voice messages and Yugoslavian singing to enhance his stories. Continue reading ME AND MY MOTHER, SINGING BY OLEG PUPOVAC



ARTHUR AND MARILYN Photographed by The Regular Studio

Dinosaurus Productions presents the premiere of ARTHUR & MARILYN by Jasper Lee-Lindsay.

All these years later, everyone has their own version of Marilyn Monroe. But one man has claimed to have known her better than anyone else; her husband and famous playwright, Arthur Miller.

Arthur wants to share who Marilyn really was. But with the memories comes all the baggage, and Arthur may not be as in control of the story as he thought.

Jasper Lee-Lindsay’s debut play is an expansion of his award-winning short play of the same name, and takes a deeper look at the dispossession of identity, and how your story shapes you when you’re not the one telling it.

Contains coarse language and adult themes.
With Meg Hyeronimus and Alec Ebert
Director: Danen Young
Stage Manager: Emma Bradbury
Designer: Lyndal Tuckey

Dinosaurus Productions[Facebook] presents ARTHUR & MARILYN [Facebook Event] May 29th – June 2nd at Blood Moon Theatre [Facebook]. Tickets available at TryBooking.

With thanks to the producers , Sydney Arts Guide has 5 double passes to give away to ARTHUR & MARILYN either Wednesday May 30 or Thursday May 31st.  
To be in the running to win one of the double passes,
email(editorialstaff.sydneyartsguide@gmail.com) with THE MILLERS as the subject and please indicate your preferred date. Competition closes COB Friday 25th May, 2018.  Only winners will be notified.


DKL Productions presents SEX AND DEATH @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE. Directed by Garreth Cruikshank, two unique one-act plays SOMETHING IN THE BASEMENT written by Don Nigro, and then the world premiere of IT’S TIME written by Garreth Cruikshank. Two very well written interesting message pieces about relationships, that engaged and entertained, especially as both had great twists.                      Continue reading DKL Productions presents SEX AND DEATH @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE

JackRabbit Theatre presents HIJACKED RABBIT with four new plays @ Blood Moon Theatre


JackRabbit Theatre presents four brand new, one act short Australian plays as part of its “HiJacked Rabbit” season. All four comedy plays are genuinely funny, but with four very different story-lines.

JackRabbit Theatre have previously presented three very entertaining and special comedy plays at the Depot Theatre:-   Front, Sex Object and Dirty People.

First up was “Hit” and after a short interval “Gate 64”. On the following night “Orange is the New Crack” and  then after a short interval “It’s Mars Time”. All four comedy plays are recommended, please book for two consecutive nights to see all four.                                                 Continue reading JackRabbit Theatre presents HIJACKED RABBIT with four new plays @ Blood Moon Theatre


THE GLOVEMAN which is currently playing at Blood Moon Theatre is bookended by he song ‘Rain’ from Dragon’s ‘Cuts from Tough Times’ album. The characters in the play are from hard times, the coal dust frosting the pub’s pint glasses and deaths from black lung touching the whole town. But there is a bright spot. One of their own has been awarded the Golden Gloves award for being a champion goalkeeper, the second local to do so.

THE GLOVEMAN is not, however, a play which is about success. Rather, it explores temptation and greed and manipulation. It is about failure. The human failure of innocents in the face of insatiable and incultivated dishonesty.

Emerging playwright Chris Naylor, in collaboration with Director Michael Block, have created a play that places corruption in the least venial of places. A Northern English industrial town with a lower division soccer club.

Rising star gloveman or keeper, Royce is about to be interviewed for the paper about his win and his sister Edith and old teammate Col are on hand to support him. His interview gets out of hand and the paper prints a story with a whiff of “suspicious score lines and betting”. As things snowball, Clive, that first recipient of the award, is keen to keep his credibility and scorecard in the face of this young pup. Nothing will be helped by the arrival of HUGH a manipulative match fixer who has few morals and a devious agenda. Continue reading THE GLOVEMAN @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE



In FORBIDDEN, written by Visakesa Chandrasekaram and directed by Neil Khare, Urmila is a young woman who is living in a man’s world. Amidst the civil unrest in Sri Lanka she has been convinced through treachery and deception to follow a path of destruction.

FORBIDDEN stars Belinda Maree, Dimitri Armatas and Neil Khare.

FORBIDDEN is playing the Blood Moon Theatre in the World Bar, 24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross until 23 July. Tickets are Adults: $32.00 and concession $25.
https://www.trybooking.com/LPDL and https://www.trybooking.com/203565



Heard any good dick jokes lately? I have, and some fairly average ones too, having just seen THE VIAGRA MONOLOGUES, a three-man show about men’s changing relationships with their crown jewels as they go through the journey of life from infancy to old age. In fact, for the best part of this hour-and-a-half show, it was ‘all hands on dick’, metaphorically at least.

Having said that, the show offered so much more. As a natural and obvious counterpoint to the hugely successful Vagina Monologues, Geraldine Brophy (yes, it was written by a woman) ventures where few have previously gone.

As she states in the program notes, men are not noted for being particularly forthcoming when discussing sexuality and intimacy unless it’s of ‘a fantastical nature’, but ‘parenthood, marriage, celibacy, puberty, and virginity are all complex things that influence human experience, for better or worse’. Continue reading OFF THE AVENUE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS THE VIAGRA MONOLOGUES @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE KINGS CROSS


What right does a woman have to depict men and their sexuality in all its vulnerable glory? You decide. Geraldine Brophy’s script traverses territory from the tragic to the sublime. Three male actors bring to life fifteen males – from a toddler to a tormented priest – who explore relationships with love, manhood, sexuality and fatherhood

Tom Matthews, John Molyneux and Meynard Penalosa inhabit with irresistible conviction, a variety of characters from three to eighty three.

It’s a show about much more than sex; after all, they have to bare something much harder: the male emotional landscape.

Funny, touching and sometimes sobering in its connections between male sexuality and the violence men do to themselves; The Viagra Monologues celebrates men and challenges social perceptions about masculinity.

The Viagra Monologues is fundamentally about respect, regardless of gender or sexual connection. Respect for each other, men and women, regardless of our sexual connection or otherwise.

THE VIAGRA MONOLOGUES is a vibrant lively text that tackles the contradictions and controversies of masculinity with wit and sensitivity. It asks us to reconsider what it is to be a man, and what men can do to be there best selves.

16 June – 2 July 730pm at the Blood Moon Theatre, 24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross.

For more about The Viagra Monologues, visit http://www.offtheavenue.com.au
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Everyone loves a good title.  A MAN WALKED INTO A BAR has been comedy gold for generations and in Off the Avenue’s production of the same name, it’s truth in advertising.  The show is at Blood Moon Theatre at the World Bar and a man walks in.  A woman walks in.  A folk singer walks in.  A reviewer walks in. The audience walks in and there we all are in a bar.

This is  absurdist comedy with a weaving, convoluted series of male/female in-a-bar behaviours.  It’s an entertaining evening of non sequiturs, lots of character changes and some sweet little songs to top it off.

The script by New Zealander David Geary is a great fun in places and the stream of consciousness, word play and Monty Python-esque word association is a part of the charm of the production.  There were a few opening night nerves but it’s no mean feat to learn a text like this and the professionalism and the rehearsal that has gone into to the work is evident. Continue reading A MAN WALKS INTO A BAR @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE KINGS CROSS


Bully Boy Patrick2 BullyBoyShowend

A Night of Play is currently presenting the Australian premiere production of BULLY BOY by playwright Sandi Toksvig. BULLY BOY embodies all the brutal reality and tragedy of a soldier’s life under investigation for committing murder on the battlefield in Afghanistan, by killing an enemy combatant, an eight year old boy carrying a grenade. Jaymie Knight is Major Oscar Hadley, the army investigator. Patrick Cullen is Private Eddie Clark, the frontline soldier, a member of the battlefield team known as THE BULLY BOYS.

Truth is never a part of a wartime murder investigation, and the army investigator is not at anytime interested in serving the truth. History is always re-written by the winners to mirror the required point of view. As expected the army has already decided that Private Eddie Clark is guilty, and has to be the scapegoat. The damage done to all sides is very evident, war is hell, and in modern warfare, all ethical standards disappear. Continue reading BULLY BOY @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE KINGS CROSS


Blood Moon Theatre - second

We are back in 1967 at Randwick Racecourse. The protagonist is the perpetually shy and socially awkward Helen (Jacqui Robson), who still does not believe her luck, when the stunning blonde bombshell Linda (Laura Viskovich), immediately sweeps her off her feet.

There is just so much sexual temptation with the outcome totally dependant upon one horse winning a huge amount of cash. Helen unleashes her wildest sexual desires as she tells in exquisite detail, her innermost expectations/thoughts about the need to bed Linda.   THE PUNTER’S SIREN concerns adult themes and was written as a monologue play, for one exceptional actress to deliver seven amazingly different characters during its 45 minutes of lust filled and libido driven comedy.                         Continue reading THE PUNTER’S SIREN @ BLOOD MOON THEATRE KINGS CROSS