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The Dog/The Cat @ Belvoir Street Downstairs

Production photography by Brett Boardman

This is a comic play and it is excellent.

It  is in two parts: one written by Brendan Cowell (Dog Part) and the other by Lally Katz (Cat Part)

They are both prominent in Australian theatre. Cowell lives in downtown Newtown and Katz is one of Melbourne’s great comedic playwrights. She is also a great actress, though she doesn’t appear in her play.

The play has  three actors and the performance by the two men, Xavier Samuel and Benedict Hardie, deserve the highest superlatives. Andrea Demetriades is also darn good.     Continue reading The Dog/The Cat @ Belvoir Street Downstairs


Emily Rose Brennan, Susie Youssef and William Erimya in THE BOAT PEOPLE
Emily Rose Brennan, Susie Youssef and William Erimya in THE BOAT PEOPLE

It’s not the tune but what a musician does with the tune that often gives a piece its special quality.

The same goes for a writer…it’s not so much the subject, but how a writer plays/works with it, the composition, if you like, that can give a play its appeal, its resonance.

There’s some interesting touches and tones that playwright Benedict Hardie brings to the perennial theme that exists within THE BOAT PEOPLE.

The play is about the steps that people go about to rebuild their lives in their new homeland and the baggage and the struggles that they have gone through in getting ‘here’ and the touch balancing acts involved.

Benedict Hardie helms his own play and realises a strong production. The show goes 100 minutes straight through and the cast keep up a good energy all the way through.

As the two former refugees, Susie Youssef plays the very ambitious Sarah and William Erimya  plays her companion Karl,  a troubled but jokey soul.

Emily Rose Brennan primarily as a pushy journalist and Luke Joseph Ryan mainly as an equally pushy, though in an all together way, physical trainer in the supporting roles.

THE BOAT PEOPLE is set in Sarah and Karl’s living room of their upmarket house with its all glass outlook as deftly suggested by Michael Hankin’s design.

Recommended, THE BOAT PEOPLE, a co TRS and Hayloft Project production, plays at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre until 21st June.